Some thoughts on beauty: passion in little things and beauty in our souls! :D

Hello, girls!

I’ve been a busy bee these past two weeks! I’m writing an empties post (first part) for almost a week now, but never get enough time to finish it. Because of being silent for so long now, I decided to do a random post just to show you that you’re on my mind nonetheless! 🙂


Weekend was beautiful & busy, the pic is from a short coffee break on Sunday. Hello, all you beauties behind the monitors!


I found a passion flower, which then found it’s home in a jar at my neighbours’ as a “get well” gift. It’s beautiful, isn’t it?

And yes, I have wrinkles. I don’t care. They’re a good example of my age, or better to say, of a full life that I’ve lived till now. I’m not picture perfect, nor I want to be ever. 😉 I love my wrinkles – you can see the immense wisdom through them! (Hahaha, joking! 😀 )

And yes, my lipstick is worn off. That’s a great example of importance of a true love’s kiss over impeccable MU all day long. Who cares? Enjoy life! MU is totally secondary! 😀

And yes, my nose looks as a cucumber. I don’t give a shit. Another great example of importance of greeting you and showing you a beautiful moment – over non-secure not showing you this pic just because my nose doesn’t look perfect. 😉


The soul is our container of our true beauty, and nothing else. Feed your soul.


Wishing you a beautiful Tuesday, my dear ladies, make the most of it!

Love to all! 🙂 :*

What are your thoughts on this?

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