The five products face tag!

Let’s do a tag post today! 😀 The task of this tag post is to choose 5 products that you would choose as your travel essentials or for everyday makeup look.

I found this cute tag on Taya’s blog; Taya didn’t tag anyone, but invited everyone that was into doing this post. To tell the truth, I’m so into blogging these past days, I love it, but frankly getting already a bit fed up with those classical blog posts (reviews, new in’s, etc…). Let’s do something different today, what do you say? 😉


Soooo, what are the products I use for my everyday MU? 😉


1. Foundation

Catrice Nude Illusion Make-Up

There’s no MU without foundation for me, that’s for sure. And I just LOVE LOVE LOVE the new Catrice’s Nude Illusion Liquid Foundation! 😀 I bought it recently and been using ever since; it gives you a matte radiant complexion, a medium coverage, but, oooh, so radiant! And I even stopped using my Real Techniques Miracle complexion sponge with this foundation – no need for it, the finish is the same!


2. Bronzer


I’m using Essence Sun club shimmering bronzer for brunettes at the moment. The shimmer is ideal for summer months, but I’m thinking of buying something matte for the winter to contour my face. 😉


3. Eyeshadow


I rarely go out without eyeshadow (only when using a really strong lipstick on my lips, which is also rarely). So yes, MUA eyeshadow palette Undress me too is my choice! I just love this palette, been using it since I got it: it has great finely grained pigments, that are very pigmented, they stay on your eyelids on & on, and what’s more, this palette has a nice range of colours for everyday look.


4. Mascara


I discovered Max Factor’s Masterpiece Max this year and this would be the choice for my everyday look. It defines the lashes, giving them length and some volume. The thing I like the most with this mascara is that you can build up the volume as you wish (yes, I’m a bit of a volume freak). It’s a keeper! 😉


5. Lipstick


Lipstick that I use the most for a classical everyday look is Max Factor’s Colour elixir lipstick in shade Rosewood (833). Yes, it’s quite a dark lipstick, but with my complexion it looks a bit richer nude on my lips. 😉 I love these lipsticks from Max Factor – they’re nourishing, moisturizing, stay on your lips for quite some time, and don’t dry your lips out. A definite keeper for me! 🙂


Aaaand here we are – post is finished! I won’t tag anyone, but you can do the post if you feel like it – welcome! I’d be glad if you included a link to this blog post, when writing the post on your blog! 🙂


Have a great weekend, ladies, it’s already knocking on the door! 😀



What are your thoughts on this?

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