Summerskin: Vichy’s Sunscreens – Mattifying Fluid and Hydrating Milk – review!

Hello, ladies!

I was particularly cautious when shopping for my sunscreens this year, the products had to match quite a few criteria of mine. Well, that was the initial idea, but as we know already, there’s no such thing as ideal product. On the end I decided to give a try to Vichy’s products, they seemed the best bargain around my criteria!


So this is what kept my skin safe during my holiday:


– Vichy Capital soleil Mattifying face fluid dry touch SPF50 (for the face), and

– Vichy Capital soleil Hydrating milk (Sensitive skin) SPF 30 (for the body).

Yeah, I brought Blistex with SPF with me too, but to tell the truth – I just used it once or twice. Too much products, and I just used my Vichy face sunscreen over my lips too! 😉 Curious about the reviews? 😉


Vichy Capital soleil Mattifying face fluid dry touch SPF50


To tell the truth, this was my first time to use THAT HIGH SPF on my face. I have a “Mediterranian” complexion and barely get sunburnt, even if I’m out on the sun for the whole day without protection. But still! This year I was using AHA acids on my face just 2 months prior to my holidays and I didn’t want to take risks. Even with this kind of complexion I still can get sunburnt. 😉

I bought the first tube of this cream way back in the spring, this was the second one in line that I brought with me to the seaside. In my haul post I emphasized the importance of using sunscreen, if you don’t want to get all wrinkly in the future; you can took a look at the photos of sun damage on the skin here.

I had quite good experience with the first fluid, so I repurchased. The cream is white, there’s no problem with application. It has a bit thicker consistency, but that doesn’t represent a problem when applying. It sinks into your skin after 5 minutes or so, but sadly, it didn’t leave my skin mattifyed. The only change in ingredients from last year’s fluid is titanium dioxide in nano particles. Could this be the reason for not fully mattifying my skin? (As I read on other blogs, girls were super-content with mattifying effect the previous years!)

I purchased it in a pharmacy for a price around 16€.


What do I like about this sunscreen?

it has efficient UVA & UVB filters. I wasn’t sunburnt not even once the whole time wearing this sunscreen! Yaay, thumbs up!

+ “bad” octocrylene filter is not too high on the ingredients list (it’s on the 11th place).

+ no weird alcohols on the first places among the ingredients.

+ doesn’t contain parabens, those little hormonal disruptor bastards! 😉


What didn’t I like?

mattifying – not really! 😦 Yes, it’s true, I didn’t shine like a christmas tree wearing this fluid, but it didn’t mattify my skin either. When using MU, I had to apply transparent mattifying powder over the whole look. I was using it in combo with L’Oreal True Match Liquid Foundation and Max Factor CC Cream – no matter the foundation, my skin was still shining a bit without mattifying powder over it! I held such high hopes for this product as a good foundation for my MU – well, I was dissapointed. When on the seaside, without MU – I just didn’t care if I look matte or not! 😉 Still, my skin looked more matte that that of people using other sunscreens! 😉

the sole presence of a bad “octocrylene” filter in this cream! This is a chemical filter, which is known to act photosensitive on the skin (it absorbs UV rays and irritates the skin this way, also heightens the formation of free radicals). It’s not really an efficient filter, but as I read around, it’s there to make other UVA/UVB filters more stable; I guess we have to make compromise here and allow this octocrylene in the product we use. What’s more, it’s not that high percentage of it in the fluid (given that it’s on the 11th place among the ingredients)!

titanium dioxide in nano particles! 😮 Eeeew, I really don’t know what’s up with using these nano particles in all the creams all of a sudden. Some say that nano particles are OK and don’t have a harmful effect on our skin, but hey… these molecules are still so small that they don’t have a problem absorbing deep into our skin. As far as I’m concerned, I personally don’t like this fact. What’s more, the effect of nano particles on our skin hasn’t still been yet researched as well as we would like it to be. But choosing among sunscreens packed with octocrylene (OMG they put it everywhere!! Shocked!) versus this one – you see my choice. 😉

– when combined with Vichy Aqualia Thermal Light Cream underneath, it forms into little rolls whenever you touch your face!

– the presence of fragrance in this fluid. It’s found on the 16th place in the ingredients list, and I wonder why. Is it that hard to just pull out all the irritating fragrances that don’t do any good to our skin?



Vichy Capital soleil Hydrating milk SPF 30 for sensitive skin


This milk is meant for the body and the face, and I was also using it both these ways; for the last week of my holiday my face wasn’t in need of such high sunscreen anymore, so I used this on my face instead. It’s a white milk, acting hydrating on the skin – I loved it! I purchased it in a pharmacy for a price around 20€. It’s a family package, so it contains 300 ml of product.


What do I like about this sunscreen:

it has efficient UVA & UVB filters. No sunburn acquired! 😉

+ “bad” octocrylene filter is not too high on the ingredients list (it’s on the 9th place).

+ no weird alcohols on the first places among the ingredients. We can find Alcohol denat. on the 11th place, but that’s a quite small amount of it. I decided not to complicate about that.

+ a really minimal – almost non-existing – amount of fragrance in this milk (on the last place on the ingredients list).

+ doesn’t contain parabens.


What didn’t I like:

the sole presence of a bad “octocrylene” filter in this cream! I already explained why I’m not into this filter; the good news is that it’s not so high on the ingredients list, so it’s not that high percentage of it in the cream. Have to make some compromises!

titanium dioxide and silica in nano particles! 😮 Also explained before (take a look at the face fluid “don’t like’s”! 😉 ).


My ladies, this will be it for today. If there’s any question that you have left unanswered from this post, please leave a comment below and I will get back to you as soon as I can.

Wishing you a great day, and yaaaay, the weekend is near! 😉

3 responses to “Summerskin: Vichy’s Sunscreens – Mattifying Fluid and Hydrating Milk – review!

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  2. Hvala za obvestilo o tej novi objavi 🙂 Pa super ocena, glede na to da ni nekih sprememb v sestavinah razen TD v nano delcih ga mogoče še kupim, ko spraznim zaloge vseh svojih kremic s spf.

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    • Hoj, Danijela! Hvala za komentar! 😉 Ja, sestavine ostajajo enake, razen titanijeva dioksida v nano delcih. Tudi jaz pravim, da ni preveč za komplicirat, saj od drugih punc berem, da je to ena boljših krem na tržišču. Idealne pa itak ni. 😉


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