SummerSkin: My seaside face care – Vichy face cream & serum reviews

Hello, girls!


It’s september already, and I still have some SummerSkin posts up the sleeve. Here’s what I’ve been using for my face care at the seaside!



Remember when I brought home some samples from Vichy? They came in very handy for my holidays; they don’t take up as much space as the whole cream packaging, if you like to travel light. πŸ˜‰

And before we start going through the reviews, I have also a confession to make. Not proud about it, but I really didn’t take that good care of my skin as I do at home. I guess relaxing was on the first place, and everything else was of minor importance. Not taking such good care of my skin maybe took it’s toll too; I got a really bad skin breakout at the end of the holidays. But then again: I’m taking great care of my skin for three weeks now and the breakout is still here, so there’s a good chance that’s it’s not the lacking skincare alone that contributed to these problems. 😦


Vichy Liftactiv Serum 10; I was using it in the evening, after cleansing my skin, and before applying moisturizing cream. It’s a transparent fluid, very viscous, felt quite silicone-based. It sinks into your skin after 5-10 minutes, leaving the skin soft and nourished.


To tell the truth, I wasn’t really paying attention to ingredients, I just packed those samples with me and that was it. Eeeerm, fail. If I took a look at ingredients before, I wouldn’t be using this serum so gladly as I did! o.O Alcohol denat. on the fourth place is a big no-no for me; it can dry out your skin and irritate it in the long run, especially with the quantity that’s contained in this serum. But I give you my thumbs up for the minimal quantity of fragrance is this product, Vichy!

Needless to say I stopped using this thing as fast as I took a good look at the ingredients.


Vichy Aqualia Thermal Light face cream: If you’re really into getting tanned (which I wouldn’t recommend, but anyway), it could happen that this moisturizer wouldn’t suffice. I’m more of a shade-type-of-person at the seaside, so this cream served me just beautifully. It’s white, feels light on the skin, leaving it nicely moisturized. There’s also a “Rich” (vs. “Light”) version of this cream, if you’re in need of richer moisturizing.


And AGAIN they’re ruining the cream with Alcohol denat. on the 5th place. What’s up with that?!? But again thumbs up for the minimal quantity of perfume in the cream; you’re right, Vichy, we don’t need that.

Of course I don’t use this cream anymore too.


Vichy Capital Soleil Mattifying Face Fluid SPF 50: I was using this as my day cream while at sea. Review of this one is coming soon. I was really pleased with the protection in this cream – I didn’t get one sunburn, yaaay! πŸ˜€



And we’re off to my cleansing routine!

I wore MU only on three occasions in those 2,5 weeks of the seaside. When I was wearing it, I put it off with my almond oil. Here’s what I’ve been using for cleansing my skin when I had no MU on.


I was really thankful to myself for packing CadeaVeras antibacterial wipes with me, because I got a really bad breakout at the end of my holidays. The other part of my cleansing routine was consisted of my HG Alverdes Heilerde Washing Cream (review here) and of course also my HG Sephora’s face disc (review here).



CadeaVera Antibacterial Cleansing Wipes: I really couldn’t go without them on the seaside. Last week of my holiday my skin went totally haywire, argh!! (Well, and it still lasts. 😦 ) Here, I’m taking some time to comment the ingredients, but you can find a broader review hereΒ (I didn’t cover all the ingredients that needed to be covered there).


It contains salicylic acid and zinc, which help with cleansing your skin of impurities. The wipes are soft and didn’t sting on my skin a bit (which could also be a problem as I heard from other users).


Well, yes, these wipes have Alcohol denat. on the second place, which is a lot, but as they’re meant to disinfect your skin, this is a must. Plus you have to bear in mind that you’re not using these on a daily basis all the year round (at least I hope you don’t) – these wipes are meant to help you at those times when your skin is breaking out. The manufacturer could throw out perfume – we don’t need that, really not.


So, that’s it for today! I’m really sad because of my breakout and I hope it will get better soon. Do you experience breakouts in summer or not? I don’t have the minimal idea what’s been happening to my skin – it’s not hormones, it’s not dairy, but it could be all that stress that I built up in this past year. Pfffff I need to unwind, seaside was just a welcome start!

Have a great day, my ladies! πŸ™‚

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