Review: Aldo Vandini Deep Cleansing Face Mask Marine Mud & Magnesium

Hello, my ladies!


Today I gave my skin a bit more care and splashed a mud mask on my face. Are you in for a review of this Aldo Vandini’s mask?



Mask is of muddy greeny-greyish colour, application is simple because the formula is just right (doesn’t drip, is not too thick). It hardens on your face after some minutes (recommended time of application is 5-10 min) and you’ll rinse it off with lukewarm water. To my surprise the mask washed off with ease! When washing off, you’ll even feel micro particles in the product, as if it was a really fine-grained peeling. It’s not stated in the directions for use, but I guess you could also make a gentle peeling with this mask on the end – just wet your hands, then massage the mask on your face, so you can feel the micro particles massaging your skin! 😉

After use your skin will be matte, cleansed, revitalized and ready for further face care! 🙂




It comes in a sachet packaging, there’s 2x 7,5 ml of product in there. One sachet suffices for one face application just right.

My holy grail mud mask is Alverde Clear Heilerde (Healing soil) Peeling Mask, but as I look at both of them now, I don’t like the alcohol on the second place in the Alverde’s mask ingredients. This Aldo Vandini’s mask tops Alverde’s mask big on this matter! Time to rethink? 🙂

Sea mud is rich in magnesium, which also moisturizes your skin while cleansing it. You can even find some hammamelis virginiana (known also as common or American witch-hazel 😉 ), which is known for it’s anti inflammatory effects.


Final verdict?

This is a great face mask, that will deep cleanse your skin, while also moisturizing it. I love the fact that the mask doesn’t have a noteworthy percent of alcohol in it, so I think it would be suitable even for those with sensitive skin. Definitely a product to try out. I got mine in Mueller for a price just under 2€.

What do you think of this mask, have you already tried it? Is there another mud mask worth trying out? Which one do you use? 🙂


Have a beautiful day, and don’t forget to pamper yourself! 😉

What are your thoughts on this?

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