New In: some Natura Siberica face care products! :)

Hello, ladies!

In my long quest of searching the right products for my face skincare, I’m hoping that this is finally it. Natura Siberica, please help my skin stop breaking out! 😉

As I still don’t have the camera to photograph my haul, I’ll help myself with photos I found on the web. I state the source page of the photo below.




Natura Siberica is a natural based cosmetic brand from Russia. This is a cosmetic of wild harvested Siberian plants and flowers with quite some certificates:

Natura Siberica cosmetic products have been certified by ECO BIO standard in European certifying body ICEA and comply with European quality standards for organic cosmetic products.


Soooo – are you curious about my haul? 😉 Here it is:


Natura Siberica Enriched Cleansing Tonic Anti-Age, 200 ml

NaturaSiberica Anti-age Enriched Toner

This was a repurchase, I just used up my first flask of this toner and I like it a lot!


Natura Siberica Snow Caldonia Day Cream, 50 ml, SPF 15

Natura Siberica Snow Caldonia Day Cream


Natura Siberica Snow Caldonia Night Cream, 50 ml

NaturaSiberica SnowCaldonia NightCream



These two creams are formulated without: parabens, Polyethylene Glycol (PEG), mineral oils, synthetic dyes, EDTA, BHT-BHA and SLS.

I don’t mind PEG’s over 100, mineral oils and SLSes in my products, but I try to avoid parabens and PEG’s under 100 (and to tell the truth, it’s hard to find a product like this! :/ ). And why the heck should we have synthetic dyes in the product, if we can make one without? I have to inform myself on EDTA and BHT-BHA ingredients still, till then, I’ll be neutral about these.


The facts that convinced me into purchasing these beauties are their organic certificate (and thus absence of some artificial ingredients I like to steer away from), their affordability and good experiences of some other happy users of these products.

I hope they will serve me well – you can expect a review of all these in a month or two! 🙂



Are you already familiar with the Natura Siberica brand? Do you use any of their products and what is your experience with them?


Have a lovely afternoon, ladies! :*

What are your thoughts on this?

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