SummerSkin: MU on rare special occasions! ;)

Hello, my girls!

I’d like to show you a glimpse on which MU I was wearing at the seaside. The occasions for that are quite rare, but I was glad to take my waterproof mascara with me! 😉


Here’s what I’ve been loving this summer at sea:


Vibrant and lively colours! This summer I’m all into various shades of pink on my lips & nails, and skirts on my body! 😀 You’ve already met my fav nail polish shade in my yesterday’s postOPI’s Suzi’s Hungary Again.

Lips: I just couldn’t take my hands off my most used lipstick this summer – Bourjois Rouge Edition in shade 11 – Fraise Remix. It’s a fresh vibrant pink colour, very pigmented, and it’s a part of Colour Blocks category (bright, eye catching shades) in this collection. If I’m really into it, I go for the colour all the way and really build it up on my lips; if I’m in the mood of a more subtle hint on my lips, I just dab a bit of it over and voila – lips are ready! The colour stays on your lips for quite some time, despite drinking, eating and kissing! 😉 What’s more, I just love the consistency and formula of this lipstick – it doesn’t dry our your lips, leaving them soft and even a bit moisturized.



What about the mascara? If hot, there’s a good chance that you’ll end up panda looking at the end of the day. Waterproof mascaras, hello!


I’m not really info knowing mascaras very well, but this one kept me nice company throughout my summerbreak. I was wearing Max Factor Masterpiece Waterproof High Definition Mascara in shade Black. It defines the lashes beautifully, you can build up the volume if you want, and it stays where it should – on your lashes. You’ll have to put some effort into removing it though!


Do you have any fav’s when it comes to seaside MU you wear? Which are these? 😉


Have a fabulous day, my girls, and thanks for reading! :*

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