New In: Catrice, Misslyn, Maybelline, Max Factor & Manhattan MU products!

Hello, girls! 😉


As the holiday is over and I’m back to the civilization, I was eager to get myself some new make-up products. Holiday was great for being natural-all-around, but now I’m all over make-up again! After working my ass off at my job for the past few days I was just yearning for a great girlfriend shopping afternoon, so me and Stella hit the stores! Wanna see what I brought home two days ago? 😉

I don’t have the photo camera with me these days, so the photos are taken from other web sites – sources are below the pics.


Most loved in my haul: Maybelline Color Tattoo gel-cream eyeshadow – 70 Metallic Pomegranate:

This is a great eyeshadow that wears long, gives a vibrant colour, doesn’t smudge or crease (but then again, my skin is not greasy, so maybe I’m not the best reviewer to give you that feedback). I definitely didn’t try out the possibility of wearing this darling for a whole day (they claim it lasts for 24 hours! :O ), but it stays well put on your eyelids for 9 hours for sure.

The only problem that I have with this eyeshadow is how to apply it. It’s meant to apply with fingers, but that doesn’t give me enough precision and what’s more, it’s messy. So I’m applying it with an angled eyeshadow brush for now. The catch is that you’ll have to wash the brush every time after application or there will be no using it the next day. How do you apply it? Do you use another form of application?

This eyeshadow goes by the name “Metallic Pomegranate” in Slovenia, but you can find it also under the name “Pomegranate Punk” in other countries. Yes, it’s the same eyeshadow. (I wonder why different names are needed for the same product around the globe, hmm?)


Matched nail polish? Well, almost. Catrice Ultimate nail lacquer – 59 First Class Up-Grape:

Catrice Ultimate Nail Lacquer - 59 First Class Up-Grape

Going home with this shade was quite a surprise for me, as I was so into vibrant  lively colours lately! 😀 I guess all the rain this summer is really getting me into the fall feeling, eh?

This beauty is a new addition to the Catrice’s nail polish collection. It’s kind of a warm plum shade, with a brownish hue to it, and it shimmers! This is a third Catrice nail polish in my collection, and sadly, I’m already disappointed by it. It chipped off the first day of wearing, despite the fact that I made a perfect manicure (base coat, two coats of this polish and top coat). What’s more, the brush was AGAIN really poorly made – some bristles were protruding out of the brush, so I had to trim them first. That’s really not the way to go, Catrice! Boohoo. 😦 So guess what – after two days of wearing it I’m already in need for a new manicure – why did I already waste my time with doing this mani yesterday? :/ But the shade is beautiful though!


In search for a new foundation? Catrice Nude Illusion Make-Up – 040 Medium Beige:

Catrice Nude Illusion Make-Up

This is a new product from Catrice and as I read on other blogs, this could very well be a dupe for Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk foundation! Stella was the one that kindly nudged me in the direction of this foundation and I must say I’m so grateful for this! 😀

So far I figured out that this beauty gives medium coverage, a matte finish, and it really illuminates your face up in a very subtle and beautiful way! It’s great to wear, your skin looks – and feels!! – like wearing nothing. I didn’t manage to test the longevity of this foundation yet, so that’s an info that’ll have to wait till I review this product.


Looking for a subtle tint for the lips? Catrice Beautifying Lip Smoother – 030 Cake Pop:

Catrice Beautifying Lip Smoother - 030 Cake Pop

I’m not into lip glosses anymore, but Stella caught my attention with this product and I decided to test it. It’s a limited edition product from “It Pieces” July-August 2014 collection. I really liked the applicator and I needed a little something for those days when I’m not into wearing lipstick. I must say that it’s a nice thingy, but it didn’t steal my soul at all. 😉


Blush? Blush? Blush. Catrice Defining Blush – 030 Love & Peach:

Catrice Defining Blush - 030 Love & Peach

Yaaaay, my first personal blush ever! 😀 I’m super-content with it. I spent the last few days in informing myself on blush coloristics on the internet. I’m a brunette, and still very well recall buying an orange-hued blush more than a year ago. Little did I know about the coloristics then, and when I applied that blush I looked like a clown. Was sooo sad! Well, this time I hit it right on the spot, of course with the help of my dear Stella lending me a spare eye and giving me feedback too. Peach coloured blushes for brunettes forever!! 😉

As for characteristics of this beauty, the pigment is really fine-grained and well pigmented. You can build up the colour from the faintest hint of colour on your cheeks to infinity (which wouldn’t really look nice, but hey, you could do it anyway with this pigmentation!).


The nicest colour of eyeliner I personally met till this day – Manhattan waterproof Liquid Dip Eyeliner in Tenderbrown ((93W) shade:

Manhattan Waterproof dip eyeliner - 93W Tenderbrown

This eyeliner is my holy grail when it comes to eyeliners. Durable, very well pigmented and in a heavenly colour for brunettes! The colour is light brown, but rich in golden and bronze shimmer, which gives your brown eyes a super-kick! I just love this product.

I had quite some problems finding this shade, so I wondered if it’s going to be discontinued. Checking Manhattan’s web page gives me some comfort – the product is still listed there.


Time for another shade of eyeliner? Max Factor Colour Xpert waterproof eyeliner in shade 04 Metallic Turquoise:


Time to swap my old green eyeliner with a new one, and with a bolder colour! I don’t find the upper shade display correct – the colour of this eyeliner is a really vibrant and lively turquiose. Swatch incoming in the following month! 😉

As I read across the blogosphere, this is a truly durable eyeliner that doesn’t smudge, doesn’t go away with sweating under the sun or splashing yourself with water, so that’s the product for my MU stash for sure.


We always need a neutral nail polish – Misslyn nail polish 397 Honey milk:


Sometimes I just love to wear a nail polish that looks like my natural nails, and put a splash of matte top coat over it. This is the one. 😉


Hope you enjoyed my new haul! If you’re interested in reading a review of any product quite soon, please leave a comment below and I’ll do my best.

Warmest hello from me and have a beautiful day! 😀

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