My summertime: seaside, nature, books, relax and a bit of blogging.

Hello from the seaside again! 😉 It’s summer and I decided to make a SummerSkin series of posts. We’ll be talking about some products that I found useful for this summertime seaside relax of mine. But since I fell back into the blogging feeling here, at the seaside, I’d like to share some bits of my holidays with you, at least with some photo material. Ready? 😉


Summer? Almost, yes.

I live in Slovenia, a small country between the Balkans and Northern Europe. I really held my hopes up high for a hot summer, but till now it was just a wishful thinking; so I’m joking that we’re having April already from April. Rain, storms, sunny weather and then clouds and rain again – it’s been like that for the past four months already. No wonder we couldn’t escape that by the seaside on the Croatian coast neither.



Do you like skinnydipping in rain? 😉 (Naah, me neither.)


Just the simplest joys of life. And that’s pretty much it.

Here at the seaside everything slows down a lot. There are just a few things to take care of: food, sleep, socializing with family and friends, and that quite rounds up the day for me. I’m not really into swimming, because I get cold so quick, and I’m not either into sunbathing, because I don’t see the point in getting brown skin just for the sake of it. But if you like to sunbathe, please do get yourself a good quality sunscreen (with good UVA and UVB filters!) and please take into account the recommended hours in the day for sunbathing (definitely NOT betweeen noon and 4PM).


I’m really enjoying hanging out with kids in our family this summer – a lot of kids’ stuff lying around:


Did you know that dolphins like football too? 😉


What I like most about camping is being in nature all the time. I just love it. Here, I can reconnect with cyclical natural processes, and it just put things into perspective again. Last night I was looking at the moon at the horizon, and wondered about our how small we are compared to the universe. We’re just a fleck and a flock in this timeless universe. But that doesn’t mean we can’t enjoy the time we have here on this world and leave our own footprint!


A small feathery visit from the animal kingdom. 😉 It was so cute watching him sip the water!


Seaside holiday without a good book is just a no-go for me. For the last few years, I’m repetedly carrying the same book with me to the seaside – this book is a holy grail of my to-read list. It’s not a book one would like to read in a chunk, that’s why I’m taking my time.


This is a book for a woman’s soul for sure. Clarissa Pinkola Estes is a cantadora, storyteller. In this book of hers she’s depicting a woman’s psychological wilderlands through the myths and stories from a Jungian point of view. To me, this book is a poetry, a warm friends hand when I need one (and I’m not in the mood for company). Definitely recommend this one, my dear wild women! 😀

Along comes the time so reflect the book a bit;



And yes, I even enjoyed some swimming, too! My love brought some seashells from the water:



Last but not least, some thoughts on my future blogging came into life here:


Planning the SummerSkin series:

  • which OPI is my definite this year’s SummerSkin shade?
  • which sunscreens do I use & love this summer?
  • which products are my SummerSkin emergency skinsavers?
  • which is my SummerSkin make-up? 😉
  • and what about my summer haircare here on the seaside?

The upper photo gives you a quick peek into my skin diary, my loyal everyday friend since I started blogging. I use it to track my skincare on a daily basis, to write down my thoughts on the products I use, and I find it as a great tool for analyzing the effects of the products used on my skin.


What are your favourite products of this summer? Is there a nail polish shade that you can’t be without? 😉

What are your thoughts on this?

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