A big HELLO! and a sincere SORRY after a long time!

Hello, my dear followers!

This was me for the past two months:



It was a time of extreme stress on more than one field of my life, sadly. And when I’m totally stressed out, I duck and try to pass the storm by myself. These are times when only really close friends and family come into consideration, everything else is on bystand. To tell the truth, I did not even have the mental energy to think about the world of cosmetics, posts on my blog, various ideas to flow in my mind. But I was still thinking of you, my dear followers, and about leaving you without any info, updates – I’m so sorry for that.  😦


So what’s up with the blog?

Even now it’s not the easiest task to start writing again after so much quiet time, but I really fell in love with blogging, with providing you information, my opinions on different products. And even if I’m a bit wobbly with writing right now, I still have the push to do it. Again, and finally.

To be frank, an idea to not continue writing also popped into my head in this troubled time. The fact that I had no motivation to write during this stressful time, was even a bit scary to me. How the heck can I not have the will to continue a thing I really loved for the past few months? My inner voice was silenced, all the fun things and thoughts gave place to much more serious thoughtfulness and I already thought that this was just it about blogging. Thank god I was wrong! 🙂

Three days ago ideas started flowing again, the push to write just flew in from I-don’t-have-the-clue-where, and I just grabbed my boyfriends camera and started shooting. I had such fun! Currently I’m on the seaside, finally relaxing and gaining my life-strength back, and starting to photoshoot again in this idyllic environment was truly a refreshment.


Any changes?

I thought about some actually. As life gave me a handful of lemons in the meantime, I decided to make a special lemonade out of it – a tasteful one of course 😉 ! While other pieces of my life were rearranging big-time in these past two months, I also got a much clearer picture of what do I want to do with my blog in the future.

Till now, this little internet piece of mine was filled with reviews, swatches, and here-and-there an almost topicly isolated special theme I felt strongly to write about (my thoughts on the weight of models, on quitting smoking, on flooding the Balkans). In the first few months I was writing like crazy, because I wanted to provide the readers a blog they can browse a bit, and find different bits of useful info here. After a few months, I noticed that I’d like my blog to reflect some personal opinions of mine too. As much as I like all womanly things and beauty, I still can’t just become a blogger that will write only about products and push them to the public without thinking about the impact that the beauty industry makes on us through this. I’m a practical woman and cosmetics and other beauty products do not rule my life at all. They enrich it. And I think there’s a big difference between those concepts. That’s why I’d also like to give you the possibility to reflect upon the concept of beauty with me – what is it for us personally, what’s the purpose of using cosmetics, what’s the impact on our environment and our bodies through this? What impact are we making at our woman psyches, our souls, and those of our daughters and female friends? I think we’re finally coming to an era when plastic is not sexy anymore, when physical and mental health are coming into spotlight and I’m embracing that with all my soul. Are you up for discovering a broader and deeper world of beauty with me? 🙂 Welcome aboard!

This main reflection over my blogging brings some new facts with it. I’d like the name of the blog to reflect my blog’s personal soul, so I’ll be changing that in the near future. You’ll see that happening as we’ll go along. I won’t be able to write everyday anymore even; I’ll have to focus hard on another area of my life from September on, so that will be taking up much of my mental energy in the future. Technically this means less frequent blogging and shorter (but still substantial) posts. No fear. I’ll still write about the body care and cosmetics, so I’ll still post reviews and swatches. But these new posts will have some more of a personal note from now on.

I decided to move my blog to another site, too. Giving it a new name is a good opportunity to move the blog, that’s how I see it at least. It’s not that I wouldn’t like WordPress, I just have a really specific problem with it that maddens me out. I can’t comment on any other blogs at all! I looked for a solution, but as it seems, there is none. While researching, I read that quite some of WordPress users have the same problem for quite some years now, and shockingly WordPress is not doing anything about it. So I decided to move the blog. There are so much of nice posts out there that you’re writing, and I can’t give feedback. That’s a thing I wholeheartedly want to change for sure. Do you have an idea for my next blogging platform? I know that Blogger is widely used and that a lot of bloggers enjoy it, but is there anything else hot right now in the world of blogging platforms? 🙂 I’ll be grateful for any info.

I was thinking about disclosing my face to the public, too. I decided not to. After quite some years of trying really hard on the professional area of my life I’d like to start a private practice. I work in a field that can sometimes still see cosmetics as something superficial, at least some of my older colleagues could, that’s why I decied to stay “undercover”. I believe a lot of you can relate to that, and hope that you won’t hold it against me. 😉


So where do we stand now?

I’m still here, still yours, still in love with beauty. I’m so looking forward to hang out with you in the future, we’ll do it with a bit more of a personal kick! 😉

As I’m chilling out and recharging my batteries at the seaside for the second week now, I’d like to close the post up with a beautiful photo. I shot this one on May 1st in 2013, when me and my boyfriend went to a photo-trip to Italy for a day. It’s just the right photo to finish my thoughts for today.



I hope you have the possibilty to chillout and recharge too! Wishing you a great day, my dear ladies!



sincerely yours,



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