Practical: tonic water spray! ;)

Hello, beauties!

Today I have a practical idea for you. What about pouring your beloved tonic water into a bottle with spray? Read on.

This idea popped into my mind when testing L’Occitane skincare. Their travel size tonic water comes in a bottle with spray and I just loved that! It’s a great feeling just spraying the tonic on your skin, plus it’s ecological. You’ll definitely use less cotton pads during your face care routine, and what’s more, you will use less tonic (because you won’t be pouring it onto the cotton pad prior).


So I went to the pharmacy and purchased a glass bottle with spray mount on.


The only things left to do are:

  1. disinfect the bottle and spray (you can buy a disinfectant in pharmacy too), and
  2. pour your tonic water into the bottle (when the bottle is dried of course).

Voila! Enjoy your renewed skincare routine! 😉


Have a great day, ladies. ❤

What are your thoughts on this?

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