Late, but anyway: May’s 2014 Yaays! ;)

Hello, ladies! In this post my favourites of the last month. Take a look why! 🙂


Last month’s yaaays were also some of the samples I tried & loved. Curious?



MUA Undress me too eyeshadow palette: previous month was interesting. I had a lot of no-MU-days, but when I wore MU, I really enjoyed it and played with my MUA palette. Love it! The pigmentation of the eyeshadows is great, they feel so silky on the skin, last long – straight A’s for this palette. My favourite eyeshadow from this one is “Fiery”. What’s yours? 😉

UBU eyeshadow blending brush nr.35: I had just one of these till just recently, but repurchased two more. These brushes are awesome! They don’t shed, the bristles are soooo soft, and they catch just enough eyeshadow to ease the process. Brilliant. Love it.



Afrodita Cosmetics Anti-age peeling almond: this is by far the best face scrub I tried from these drugstore masks. It comes in duo with a mask, but I used that part quite some time ago. It smells really nicely! I’m sure that this is a product that I’ll keep on buying from time to time, for those days of pampering! 😀

Sample Collistar Talasso scrub anti-water: this scrub is a heaven on earth! If you’re interested in my review, here you go.

Sample Tiare fluid body cream: the smell is addictive. Enough said. Makes your skin like a baby’s bum. Totally enough said. 😉



Blistex Lip relief cream: it’s not that I had dry or broken skin on my lips, I just reactivated this as a part of my evening routine. My lips are beautiful! Blistex rocks. 😀

L’Occitane Precious cleansing foam: WOW. This is a product I liked the most when testing L’Occitane products. Will definitely repurchase, when I empty all other face cleansers that are currently on my cosmetic shelf. I’ve not met a product this efficient with MU removal till this one. You can find my review here.

L’Oreal Elseve Total repair Instant miracle hair mask: this thingy is great too. My hair was shiny, silky and with less hairknots when I was using this! Now it’s already among the empties (waiting for the empties post 😉 ) and I really miss it. But well, I have another conditioner to use up before I repurchase!


This is it about last month’s favs. If you have a question about any of the products, leave a comment below. 🙂

What are your thoughts on this?

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