Review: Alverde Clear Washing cream Healing Soil (Waschcreme Heilerde)

Hello, beauties! How are you feeling today? Yesterday gave me a huuuuuge headache, so I couldn’t write as I wished for, but hopefully we’re continuing today undisturbed. 😉 Today I’d like to introduce to you my skinsaver for these last few days – my holy grail cleansing cream for breakouts.

It’s a washing cream, in German called “Heilerde”; that means “healing soil” in English. And truly it is! It’s a part of the Alverde’s Heilerde collection, which is designed for uneven problematic skin with impurities.


These are actually the products from my cosmetic shelf. 😉 I use them occasionally, normally when my skin breaks out and also a bit after that. You can see the cleansing cream on the right, tonic water in the middle and peeling mask on the left. There’s a distinctive scent of this products collection, they smell like soil, so gentle and earthy it makes me go all aaaaaaw. 😉 I like it a lot!


So here’s the washing cream:



Product description

This cream comes in a packaging of 100 ml, and has a Natrue and Vegan certificate. It’s of light brown colour, smells of soil (wonderfully though!). It spreads easily on the skin, the consistency of this cream is just right (doesn’t drip). It’s not that perfumed as other Alverde products, which I like a lot; you wouldn’t like to get some essential oil allergy after some time of using this, would you? (Yes, essential oils in natural cosmetics can act irritant on your skin, so take some extra care in picking your products, if you’re using natural ones!) The first “alcohol” we find is cetearyl alcohol on the 8th place in ingredients, so thumbs up for this to Alverde too! We know some alcohol in the product is needed, but we really like it that it’s not a such drying out one. 😉 If you’re worrying about comedogenity, please don’t. The comedogene substances here are zea mays oil (2nd place) and cetearyl alcohol, but as we wash the product off, there’s not to worry about this cream clogging your pores. Pinky promise! 🙂

On how to use it

I guess the most widespread method would be applying it with our fingers and then cleasing on with fingertips. I use my Sephora face disc to help me with that and enjoy a gentle peeling in addition! 😉 You apply it to your wet face, and when through with cleansing, just wash it off with water. It rinses of your face well, no extra effort needed. Do not forget to extra tone your skin with toner before applying face cream! Your skin will be grateful. 🙂

After usage

Your skin is cleansed and matte, ready for the skincare that’s following! This cleansing cream really comes in handy when you’re fighting with oily skin, at least for me! 🙂


My review in numbers*:

*Maximum possible rating is 5 points for each category.

Satisfaction with Product Effects  5
Ingredients  5
Non-comedogenity  4
Would buy again?  5
Packaging  4
Pricing  5
Overall Rating  4,7


Yeah, the number shows that this is one of my HG products! 😀 😉


A review of Heilerde peeling mask coming in right after! Stay tuned, ladies! 😉

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