Review: Alverde Clear peeling mask Healing soil (Peelingmaske Heilerde)

As promised- here’s the review for another product from Alverde’s Heilerde skincare line (you can read here a bit about this collection of products)! 🙂 We’re talking about a purifying face mask that’s also a peeling.


Product description

This peeling comes in packaging of 50 ml, is of light brown colour and has a scent of soil (but a great one!). It has micro abrasive particles. The consistency is just right for applying the mask on your face – it doesn’t drip, but it spreads on your skin really nicely. This peeling mask has Nature and Vegan certificates.

As I already stated for the washing cream from this line, I like these products because they’re not overly perfumed. There’s a moderately comedogenic ingredient on the 4th place (zea mays oil) and a slightly comedogenic ingredient on the 7th place (jojoba oil), but I wouldn’t worry too much about these, since this is a product that gets washed off. The peeling mask has alcohol on the 2nd place though, which is not a thing we’d love, but still – because of washing this off and with a proper hydration afterwards the dryness of the skin shouldn’t be a problem. What’s more, this mask is not intended for everyday use. 😉

On how to use it

Apply it on your face with your fingers (leave out the areas around the mouth and the eyes) and leave it on for approximately 10 mins. When washing it off, don’t forget to do a peeling with the mask! Just run your hands through running water and massage the mask on your face with wet hands to get the exfoliating effect. I like this peeling for it’s particularly fine grains that aren’t too aggressive on my skin. When done, wash away with a lot of water – it’s a mask and it sticks to your face more than the washing cream from the same skincare line! 😉


Well, hello! 😀 I like to use this mask when I’m fighting skin impurities, especially when cleansing them. I apply it after extracting impurities (blackheads, blemishes) to calm my skin and to pull out the remaining impurities in the skin I didn’t manage to get out. This mask reduces the redness of the skin.

After the treatment

Your skin feels thoroughly and deeply cleansed, soothed, it looks matte and is ready for the skincare that follows. The redness is minimized.


My review in numbers*:

*Maximum possible rating is 5 points for each category.

Satisfaction with Product Effects  5
Ingredients  3
Comedogenity  4
Would buy again?  5
Packaging  5
Pricing  5
Overall Rating  4,5


Babes, if you have any questions, you know what to do. 😉 Have a beautiful day! ❤

What are your thoughts on this?

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