Swatches of “Yes love” nail polishes!

Hello, ladies! This is a post I’m long due. Remember that Yes love nail polish haul? Wanted to see the swatches? 😉

I swatched these polishes just on a nail polish palette and not on my hands. I didn’t like these polishes at all – they smelled horribly, needed a lot of time to dry up. All in all, these are not polishes I’d like to have in my collection. They don’t have names, so here they go:


Review_YesLove_BlackGlitters Review_YesLove_BlackGlitters1

This one has a semi-transparent black base with gazillion fine silver glitter in it.


Review_YesLove_GreenFlakes Review_YesLove_GreenFlakes1

This one has flakes of different sizes and colours (dark green, bright green – almost transparent, and bright yellow – almost transparent). As two types of flakes are almost transparent, you can see just the third kind on the pic mostly. 😉


Review_YesLove_GoldenFlakes Review_YesLove_GoldenFlakes1

This polish has a clear base with round gold glitter in it. They tend to build up on one place, so you’ll have to work your way with these, if you’re buying the polish.


Review_YesLoveNailPolish_Bottle Review_YesLove_Candies1

This polish has a soft pink base with round flakes of two sizes and different colours (pink, green, yellow, blue) in it. I like this one so much, but the only way I’m going to wear this polish in for a carneval – so I guess this one will be waiting in my stash till next february! 😉


Take care. ❤

2 responses to “Swatches of “Yes love” nail polishes!

    • Hoj, Sandra! 🙂 Ja, tale zadnji je res ful lep, in komaj čakam, da bo prava priložnost, da si naredim takšno bombončkasto manikuro! 😉 Ti pa že sedaj povem, da se lahko kar pripraviš na dolgotrajno sušenje (raje uporabi hitrosušeči nadlak) in na to, da laki res zelo smrdijo. :S Bodi lepo! 🙂


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