Review: CadeaVera Antibacterial Cleansing Wipes

Hello, beauties? Missed me? 😉

Weather is outrageous here, total sun and 36°C, so I decided to spend my day blogging. You can expect quite some posts today, since I’m already running late with everything I want to tell you! 😀 Let’s start with antibacterial cleansing wipes from CadeaVera.

I bought them a month ago, just to test them out. Little did I know that they’ll become my best friends in this period of time! 😉


I got a bad skin outbreak after the antibiotic treatment and had to get my skin back to normal. These wipes were literally my skin savers. 😀

They contain salicylic acid and zinc, which disinfects your outbreaks and calms down the skin. I applied this “antiinflammatory treatment” of mine after cleansing my skin with cleansing cream and before applying toner and creams/serums. Since my skin is in such a bad condition, I want to really make sure that it’s disinfected before continuing my evening face care routine. They smell really nice, almost floraly. 😉

I heard that this product can evoke some burning feeling on the skin with some people – my case was not like that. It stung me a bit when applying it over damaged skin, but that was almost non-noticeable. I guess these wipes aren’t a good option for those with very sensitive skin. 😦


I decided to try out the travelling size first, and being really content with these wipes, I repurchased them yesterday. I got one of those in travel size (0,69 €; just to have them with me wherever I go) and ones in pads version (11,99 €; for home use). You can find them in Mueller stores.

And not to forget about ingredients – here they are:



If you have any additional questions, please leave a comment, I’ll get right back to you! 😉

Have a beautiful day and if you’re somewhere hot, don’t forget to hydrate properly! 🙂

3 responses to “Review: CadeaVera Antibacterial Cleansing Wipes

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    • Hello, dear! I wouldn’t know, because I’m located in Europe. You should ask around a bit. Cadea Vera is a trademark of Mueller, so if you don’t have Mueller shops/centres in Canada, I highly doubt that you’ll find it. (I’m so sorry for a late reply, I’m swamped with other things at the moment and don’t have any time to blog.)


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