Review: CadeaVera anti-wrinkle Q10 capsules!

Finally! I tested these two/three weeks ago and couldn’t wait to give you my review. These capsules just didn’t turn out to be the thing I’d like.

I bought them in Mueller.



I must admit I was using these at a somehow awkward period, as far as my skin goes. It’s possible that my skin wouldn’t have this kind of reaction if I did this at some other time. God knows, eh? 😉


My skin before using the capsules: I had an impurity here and there (I think the tonic water was to blame – crying over it though: Cera di cupra tonic water 😥 ), but overall my skin was in good condition. I just finished taking antibiotics at that time. My skin was already getting a bit greasy even before the usage of these capsules. Normally it doesn’t, but in this period my skin just went haywire and I hated it! (Sickness & antibiotics, I don’t like you, get away from me! 😛 )

Using the capsules: there’s quite some quantity of the product in one capsule – it really is enough (and more) for a whole face, neck & decolette massage! It’s a transparent silicone gel that needs a lot of time to sink into your skin (an hour?), so I recommend doing this in the evening when already in your pajamas. 😉 This gel gives such a greasy feeling on the skin that I truly feared for my impurities to get worse! Because of so much product in one capsule there was always some excess product staying on my hands – I just massaged it into my cuticles, worked wonders! I noticed that after 3 days of using these capsules my skin became a bit water-repellent, this was so funny to see but on the other hand sad to experience! I had a feeling like my skin is being enbalmed with silicones and not letting anything out and neither anything in. A spooky feeling it is. On the third day I got a feeling that my skin is not hydrated enough beneath this siliconed film and I put some hydrating cream over, but that didn’t help. Using a lot of tonic water right before spreading these capsules on your face is a must!




After the anti-age Q10 capsules therapy: my skin really became a tad softer, maybe even evened out, my wrinkles became a micrometer smaller let’s say! My skin became water-repellent for a week, and in this period my impurities started to build up under the skin. This horror with impurities might also be the result of antibiotic treatment and not just capsules! My skin became also a bit greasier than before, but it wasn’t alarming (it was greasy to touch, not to the eyes).


All in all? I don’t see myself using these capsules in a short time in the future. I’m not even sure I’ll buy them again. But never say never. 😉 From my point of view, there was too little effect for so much fuss (especially the greasiness of the product and impermeability of the skin!). Maybe the anti-aging effect would show itself when using this long-term, I don’t know. I certainly wasn’t ready to give it another go right after the first treatment, because I had some skin problems incoming and had to deal with them.


Last but not least – some tips:

  • apply the product in the evening, 1h prior to going to bed;
  • my recommendations are meant for people with normal skin and just minor skin impurities;
  • if you have problems with pore clogging when using silicones, this product would not be advised for usage;
  • really massage your skin when applying the product; this way you’ll stimulate the blood flow in your skin;
  • if excess product is staying on your hands, just massage it in your cuticles! 😉


That’s it, my ladies! 🙂 If you have any additional questions, please leave them below so I can get back to you ASAP! 😉 Did you already try these capsules yourself? How did you like them?

Take care. ❤

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