Late, but still: my May’s 2014 “mehs”

Hello, my dear readers!

Instead of welcoming the new month with my favs from May, I’m giving you my “mehs”! 😉 These are those “meh” products that did not leave an impression and I’ll not repurchase them of course. Curious? 🙂


What do we have here?

  1. Cera di Cupra tonic water for mature skin,
  2. CadeaVera Aktiv Eisgel (CV active Ice-gel) – a thingy for tired feet 😉 ,
  3. Alverde Koerperbutter Honigmelone (A. BodyButter Honeymelon – for very dry skin),
  4. CadeaVera Anti-Falten Kapseln Q10 (CV Anti-Wrinkles Capsules Q10),
  5. L’Occitane Brightening Essence, and
  6. Barfuss Fussbad (B. Footbath).



Cera di Cupra tonic water for mature skin: this has been my fav tonic water almost for a year now – it has a lot of antioxidants. During the testing of L’Occitane face care my skin got extraordinarily better, and I was on top of the world because of that; almost non-existent blackheads, no subcutaneous acne and no pimples. I just couldn’t believe it! And then, when I replaced just the tonic water from L’Occitane for my classical Cera di Cupra (and continued all the other care from L’Occitane), the skin impurities got worse again. And no, it wasn’t that time of the month. I was so sad. 😦 Looks like there’s something in this tonic water that doesn’t go along with my skin, god knows what is it. That’s why I’m dissapointingly waving it goodbye and am in search of a new one.

Alverde Bodybutter Honeymelon: this is a BB that’s designed for extra dry skin. The body butter is OK, but I just don’t like the smell of it. And what’s more, I really don’t get the alcohol “bomb” quite high in the ingredients (from the fourth to sixth place if I recall correctly).



CadeaVera Active IceGel for tired feet: as I stand all day on my job, it’s supernice to come home and de-stress my feet. Well, I can’t say that this gel makes a lot of difference. Yes, it cools down the feet a bit, but that’s quite it. I expected also some moisturizing and nourishing besides, too. I guess I’m grateful to myself for buying a travel size packaging! 😉 Do you have a suggestion for me maybe – what works for you and is worth a try? 🙂

L’Occitane Brightening Essence: I don’t have any strong “pro” or “contra” reasons about this serum. I comprehend it just as a serum, with non-problematic ingredients (a mix of natural and synthetic, though), but I’d manage OK without it, too. On the top of everything, a small amount of it is ridiculously pricy (for the ingredients it contains), at least from my point of view.

CadeaVera Anti-Wrinkle Capsules Q10: these were a total silicone bomb at an unfortunate timing, to say at least. I was fighting a nasty cold in the past month and needed antibiotics; after that, my skin broke out as crazy and on the top of that I decided to test these capsules (review coming in soon). My skin became greasy, I had a feeling that all those silicones didn’t let my skin breathe. What’s more, it felt like they were aggravating my skin outbreak because of formng an almost impermeable layer on my skin – nothing in, nothing out. It made my skin a bit smoother, but this is not a surprise with all those silicones. Did you try out this anti-age treatment? How did it work for you?



Barfuss Footbath: designed to relieve stressed and tired feet. I’ll use it up, but I expected more from this bath. Yes, it relieves your feet a bit, but I’ve used better foot baths in the past. Not a keeper! It has a nice smell though! 😉 I’m looking for suggestions on this field too – do you have any? 🙂


I hope you’re enjoying your saturday to the max! 😀

Take care. ❤

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