Just a swatch: a mini OPI! ;)

Hello, beauties! As I was neglecting publishing my mani’s lately, I’d like to start with an OPI today, which name is unknown to me. It was a present from my friend and it’s a shame if it stayed unswatched, what do you think? 😉 Take a peek! 😀

So this is my little beauty that I’m talking about! In my best will I can’t find a name to go with it – maybe it’s Ski Teal We Drop, but I’m not sure. Maybe I’m having such problems finding the right name also because I’m slightly colour-unsure when it comes to green and blue hues… :/ (I think I have a really mild colour blindness on this part of the colour continuum – other people see blue, while I see green! 😉 )



This of course won’t be a normal review, because I don’t know the name of the nail polish. But still, I have to emphasize that I like the broader brush with OPI mini’s! (The old narrow one was driving me maaaaad! 😦 )


So here’s the mani! The photos are not corrected of course. 🙂





OMG how excruciatingly short my nails were at that time! (Just a reminder on how long I didn’t publish a mani, whoa!)


Ladies, I wish you a great Tuesday! I’m pampering myself with face masks again (so yes, there will be some reviews soon! 😉 ), I hope you’ve got something planned for you today too! 😀

Anyways, do you maybe have an idea which OPI could this be? It should be from a limited edition collection and from 2013/2014 years – these are the info from my friend. 🙂 I can even write a “true” review if we figure out the name and that would be just great! 🙂


Take care. ❤

What are your thoughts on this?

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