Review: L’Occitane Immortelle Precious Cleansing Foam

Hello, beauties! This is the product I was most eager to review of all L’Occitane’s line that I tried out! 🙂 Today I’d like to introduce to you their super-efficient Precious cleansing foam! I was super-content with it. Interested to read some more info? 😀


My review in numbers*:

*Maximum possible rating is 5 points for each category.

Satisfaction with Product Effects 5
Ingredients 4
Would buy again? 5
Packaging (travel size 50ml) 5
Pricing 4
Overall Rating 4,6


My experience

I must say that this is the product that surprised me the most from all the L’Occitane products I tried! It’s super efficient, I just can’t emphasise this enough. I normally used one dosage for my morning cleansing routine and up to two-three for my evening routine (for MU cleansing; dosage depends on how heavy my MU was that day). I didn’t clean my eye MU with this foam though (I always use almond oil for this).

As I said, I was thrilled about this foam’s effeciency! Normally when I cleansed my face (with various cleansers) there was always MU residue staying on my face wiping cloth; with this foam, none! It just blew my mind, really. I was using this foam in combination with Sephora’s face disc – I think it was a great combo! At the promotional skin care the beautician applied this foam with a cotton pad, which is another way of using it. Or you could apply with just your fingers, nothing wrong with that either.


If I didn’t continue right away with moisturizing and toning, my skin felt really dried out after using this cleanser though! I guess you can’t get efficiency and gentleness in one package, as far as cleansing goes, ha? 😉 If you’ll use this foam on a slightly damaged skin (from cleaning the skin impurities, for example), it may give you a stinging sensation right on the damaged spot.


Product description

It has a very gentle scent, and it foams really well. It feels good on the skin while cleansing – gentle, it doesn’t irritate the skin.


This product comes in a bottle with a practical dispenser, activated by pushing on it. You can dose the dispensing of the foam very well. What I love the most about this foam is that it’s eco-friendly, as far as packaging goes! There’s a refill available, if you decide to repurchase – well done, L’Occitane! The packaging with a dispenser is also as antibacterial formed as it could be – it allows us to get out the product without the risk of infecting the remaining with bacteria and germs.


A word or two about ingredients

The ingredients are nothing special actually, a hefty pack of solvents and surfactants on the first few places on the ingredient list (it’s a cleanser of course). But the thing I especially like about this foam is that L’Occitane packed a plant extract mix quickly behind those (next few places on the ingredient list!):

  • everlasting flower water for conditioning,
  • chamomile extract for fragrancing the product – and conditioning the skin,
  • yellow gentian root extract for it’s antiinflammatory properties,
  • raspberry fruit extract and strawberry fruit juice for conditioning the skin,
  • citrus unshiu peel extract to help even out the skin tone,
  • parsley extract for skin conditioning and
  • grapefruit fruit extract as a natural source of vitamin C.

I really like this ingredients list actually! 🙂 I can see that as the products cleanses very efficiently, it also gives the skin very important ingredients in the meantime too.

I’m not too worried about the possible “non-safe” substances (as the natural oriented users like to see them, and here’s one “PEG” for example!), because it’s a product that gets washed off your face after cleansing it.


All in all?

I really liked this cleansing foam, and am actually thinking of repurchasing it! 🙂 It’s efficient, gentle as a cleanser can be, and did I mentioned efficient already? 😉


Hungry for more info?

Packaging: bottle with a dispenser

Amount: 150 ml (travel size: 50 ml; refill: 300 ml)

Price: 21,40€ (travel size: 9,20€; refill: 30,50€)



INCI: Aqua**, Glycerin**, Disodium cocoyl glutamate**, Disodium laureth sulfosuccinate**, Decyl glucoside, PEG-6 caprylic/capric glycerides, Cocamidopropyl betaine, Helichrysium italicum extract*, Anthemis nobilis flower extract**, Gentiana lutea root extract**, Rubus idaeus (raspberry) fruit extract**, Fragaria chiloensis (strawberry) fruit juice**, Citrus unshiu peel extract**, Carum petroselinum (parsley) extract**, Citrus grandis (grapefruit) fruit extract**, Sodium cocoyl glutamate, Citric acid, Sodium Benzoate, Parfum/fragrance, Butylene glycol, Levulinic acid, Ppg-26-Buteth-26, Sodium levulinate, PEG-40 hydrogenated castor oil, Ethylhexylglycerin, Potassium sorbate, Phenoxyethanol, Tocopherol, Hexyl cinnamal.

* Ingredients from organic farming

** Natural origins ingredients


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3 responses to “Review: L’Occitane Immortelle Precious Cleansing Foam

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  3. This cleanser really dried out my face, to the point that my skin feels tight, flaky and really uncomfortable. It also made the skin around my lips very tight and sore. Has anyone else had this reaction.


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