New in: some NailArt accessories from Essence!

Hello, ladies, how are you today? I’d like to show you some Essence nail art accessories I decided to try out! Here they are!

First some Essence nail stickers:


Essence_NailStickers1 Essence_NailStickers2


Did you already try one of these? How did it go? I doubt that these will look flawless on my nail, since my nails are a bit convex. But I won’t know till I try it! 😉


Next: some Essence lace tip stickers – for these, I’d really like to see how are they gonna look on my nails, I think they’ll be beautiful! 🙂



And last but not least – from the recent football inspired limited edition – some Essence nail glitter “Viva Brasil!” in pink and green colour.


I just couldn’t help myself with these and had to try them out the minute I came home (yes, I love glitter!) – the glitter applies really nicely, no problems there. Removal is quite a pain in the ass, but we have foil method to help us with that. The only thing here that’s left to do is to try these for a few days together, so I can see the longevity of these glitter! I’ll keep you posted.


Have a beautiful day! ❤



What are your thoughts on this?

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