New in: samples from L’Erbolario, Callus, Clarins & Collistar!

Hello, hello, my ladies! A good fairy made me a visit and left me some more samples. Most of them are just perfect for the summer and I can’t wait to test them out, especially the sun lines! 🙂 Wanna see?


First there is L’Erbolario – samples were packed in a cute box again, I just love this! This is a trademark that just recently came to our country and takes great care in selecting cosmetic ingredients. They manufacture mainly natural, plant-based cosmetics; the leading edge active substances, obtained from plants using advanced technologies, make L’Erbolario cosmetics rich and high-performance. What I especially love about this manufacturer, is that it’s not just about beauty, but also about ethics: the trademark is cruelty-free and takes great care in protecting the environment, too (more on their quality certificates).


So – what did I get in the package? Here’s the first part of the samples (from the left to right):

  1. Almond Hand Cream Pack (Already testing this one and must say I’m super content with it! 😀 ),
  2. Burdock & Rosemary Face Cream for Blemished Skin, and
  3. Stem cell anti-aging face cream with argan oil.


And here’s the second part of the package – the “sun line” and “before&after line”:



Products from left to right:

  1. Suntan accelerating cream with jojoba oil SPF15,
  2. After sun bath & shower foam with Walnut and Carrot,
  3. Anti-age Protective Serum Before&After with Kalahari watermelon pulp extract and Amaranth oil, and
  4. Illuminating After-sun Velvet Cream with Golden palm oil and Aloe vera.

The weather is becoming warmer and I can’t wait to go the seaside for a day and test these products! I live quite near the seaside and we take free days off often and spend them by the sea – so relaxing! L’Erbolario will be making me company on my first trip there for sure! 🙂


The good fairy left me also a mini set of products from Lancaster’s sun line!


From left to right:

  1. Sun beauty Silky body milk Sublime tan SPF15 (UVA+UVB+Infrared),
  2. Sun beauty Velvet touch face cream Radiant tan SPF30 (UVA+UVB+Infrared), and
  3. Tan maximizer Soothing after sun moisturizer.

Another pack of sun products to test! 🙂


Well, before acquiring some tan it’s good to get your body prepared, too! Here are some products from Collistar to help me with that!


I just can’t wait to test these two scrubs out! I think I’ll make it a part of my SPA evening, maybe even today!

  1. Anti age talasso-scrub (orange): regenerating exfoliating salts with essential oils, orange blossom and Sicilian citrus fruits.
  2. Anti-water talasso-scrub (green): exfoliating salts and cane sugar with spices and essential oils. Why anti-water? It has fluid-reducing and draining effects.


Would you like to reduce cellulite ad get your body in shape? I have some samples even for that too. I don’t have much (but yes, I DO have cellulite, and I don’t make a fuss out of it), and because I got only the samples, I won’t be able to test this effect in the long run, but still – I’ll make a report for you. There are even samples for your tummy, too!


From left to right:

  1. Intensive abdomen and hip treatment with plant stem cells,
  2. Magica BB for the body (moisturizing, even finish, smoothing),
  3. Anticellulite capsules caffeine & escin shock treatment,

and below:

  1. Superconcentrated anticellulite night treatment.

I got some other anticellulite samples from Collistar, too, in the previous days – you can check them out here. Expect a report on these soon! 😉


I already showed you this sample, but this time I got it with a informative leaflet – thumbs up, Clarins!



It’s their Body lift cellulite control cream.


Last but not least – we’re showing out feet in the summer and the only right thing is to pamper them a bit more than usual. In Slovenia, the importer for L’Erbolario is importing the Callus line, too – so here are the samples that they gave me to test! Their products have BIO cosmetic certificate, thumbs up!


The products:

  1. Callus Heels (for fissures and cracking), and
  2. Callus Calluses and corns.

I don’t have fissures, cracking, calluses or horns on my feet, but will be glad to test these products on my feet anyway! There’s always some tough skin on my heels, so these products will definitely come in handy!


I intend to test these products in a week or so (well, we’ll have to wait a bit longer for the sun lines!), so you can expect some reports quite soon! 🙂


Do you already know these products, use them? Has any of the new products caught your attention? Would you like to know anything specifically about any product(s)? You can leave a comment below, and I’ll try my best to give you an answer when reviewing the products!

Have a beautiful day and take care. ❤


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