New in: a birhtday present! ;)

It’s been quite a while since I got this cosmetic present, but I haven’t been able to share it with you yet! I had my birthday in May and I think Stella wanted to see some more posts from under my fingers, what do you say? 😉


I love pink & orange colour, so she hit it to the center with that scarf! <3She added some products that I didn’t try out yet, so here you go – we’ll be having three more posts on the blog because of her. Thank you, babe! ❤

I usually don’t use spry deodorants, so this Rexona will be interesting to use. When it comes to soaps, I’m all about new fragrances – can’t wait to try this one out! And last but not least, the sweetest for me – body lotion. I used a lot in the past, but have been mainly on BB lately; I just love Dove’s lotions, so it will be a joy to try it out! 🙂


How’s your day? I hope you have at least one nice errand for yourself planned today – if not, there’s still time to do it! 😉 What will it be?

2 responses to “New in: a birhtday present! ;)

    • 😀 😀 Pa res!! Čudovit je. ❤ (Sem šla zdaj vohat, hvala! 😉 Ko sem ga dobila, sem bila tako prehlajena, da bi ga bila znanstvena fantastika zavohat. 🙂 )


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