PamperTuesday, here I come!! Curious? ;)

Hello, dear ladies, how are you feeling today? 🙂 The weather outside is really bad, and I’m in the mood for pampering myself really good. 😀

Started yesterday, and continuing today.

Curious about it? Follow me! 😉

First things first – for me, good music is essential! So I decided to chill out with some vocal lounge chillout deep house. This is what’s keeping me company:

It’s not really important what kind of music you put on, it’s important that it chills you out. 😉


Feet relaxation!

My feet were so tired because of walking around all day – I was desperate for getting them into life again. So I made myself a special treatment to ease up the swelling and cool down my too hot feet! I used a foot bath salt with rosemary & eucalyptus oils and applied active ice gel with peppermint oil and panthenol afterwards. That felt so good, finally my feet weren’t burning anymore! All those chilly ingredients took a toll on my feet, leaving them with a feeling of dryness. That’s why I continued with some more care:


I put some L’Occitane foot cream for dry skin first, then generously applied Avon’s Palnet spa Olive oil body cream. Yes, moisturization to the max! 😀 I put some cotton socks on afterwards of course. 😉


Hands pampering!

So I made myself a new mani two days ago and was hoping to photograph it today (Waaah, it’s a beauty! I’m wearing Essie Style hunter! 😀 ). The weather says not. What the heck, the hand care yesterday felt good nevertheless!


Some Avene Cleanance K for my cuticles (yes, I know it’s AHA acids! 😉 ), followed by applying a lot of classical blue Nivea, and then covering my hands with cotton gloves.


Let’s not forget about skincare!

I just couldn’t wait to get up and give myself a generous facial mask treatment today. Here’s what I used:



I applied Afrodita’s Anti-wrinkle peeling first (positively surprised by it!), following with Nivea’s Pure effect Active purifying mask, and finished my face care with Iroha Rejuvenating strawberry self-heating mask. I had some quite bad experiences with Balea’s face masks in the history, so I was really glad about today’s skincare – gentle, efficient, nourishing and moisturizing. My skin is in heaven today! ❤


And just doing some monkey business: hair aside, purifying mask on, good music in the background and just that feeling when you pamper yourself! 😀 Feeling frisky! 😉




I hope you’ll find some time to pamper yourself today, too, and maybe I even managed to incite a spark in you for that – definitely hope so! 😉


What do you think about this kind of posts? Do you like it? Would you like to see more of it? You can leave a comment below, so I can adjust the themes on my blog to your likings! 🙂 And don’t forget – have a beautiful day! 😀


Take care. ❤

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