New in: Essie nail polish spring trio! ;)

I was haulin’ the other day for Essie nail polishes, and did not get the opportunity to show you my new beauties! o.o Finally, here they are, in total spring colours! 😀


Beautiful, ha?


I went home with 3 new Essies for a total bargain price (50% off!): Style hunter, Cute as a button and Lovie dovie! I used my DM coupon that I got through snail-mail.



Yaaay, I was so glad for these! Of course I had to try them on ASAP and there’s only shade “Cute as a button” left in it’s virgin state, the other two already manicured and swatched and waiting for publishing! 😀 Stay connected! 😉

I also noticed that “Cute as a button” is a very similar shade as the OPI i bought two weeks ago, “Suzi’s Hungary Again“. But then, that nail polish humour comes to my mind: “These nail polishes looks the same shade, but they’re not!” 😉 Yep, I’m a nail polish addict for sure. 😀 😉


G’night, ladies, sleep tight! 🙂

2 responses to “New in: Essie nail polish spring trio! ;)

    • Hvala! 🙂 Ravno danes sem razmišljala, da Essie sicer nima nekih “ubitačnih” lakov, ampak s skoraj vsakim odtenkom pa zadene v nulo! 🙂 Izredno lepi laki so.


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