Update nr.3: testing of L’Occitane products finally finished!

Remember when I went for a promotional face care at L’Occitane’s? I decided to test their products then and their beauticians were more than happy to help me with their samples. Curious about my experience with L’Occitane? Read on.

That day I brought home quite some samples, and what’s more, I also bought a nice little pouch of products in addition to that.




And so the testing began! I was so eager to see what’s going to happen with my skin, because I already had a nice face care (that’s what I thought), except some problems with subcutaneous acne now and then.

First two weeks of testing brisked by, and I felt that my skin needed a more nourishing touch. I was using Brightening Immortelle collection (white coloured one) till then, but with L’Occitane beautician’s advice switched my face care to Anti-age Immortelle coleection (blue coloured). So I brought home some more samples to test. Remember this pic?


And yes, my skin was nourished beautifully with these.


Till this day, I used up almost all the samples (well, one of their Sublime beauty cream is still waiting for me to open it, but that’s practically it). The testing took quite longer than I planned, due to my illness in betweeen. There were quite some days when I practically did not care about about my face care routine – felt too ill. 😦


Today I can say I’m super content that I tested this brand. I figured out that yes, something in my previous face care routine was causing me subcutaneous acne (and I’m totally head over heels that it’s not my hormones!! 😀 ) and am eager to start testing Paula’s Choice products (already have the samples at home!). But that’s a topic for another post! All in all – my skin was great during L’Occitane face care! Thumbs up, L’Occitane! 🙂

What are your thoughts on this?

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