Haul & review: UBU Eyemazing Tapered Blending Brush no.35

Hello, ladies!

Today just a quick peek into my latest haul from yesterday – a brush for eye MU!

I already have one @ home, and I’m in love with it! So I went to buy two more yesterday.



It’s a brush with a quite big head, just perfect for my style of eye MU application. (I like to apply shades abundantly. 😉 ) It’s not meant for finer touches, this is a brush for big strokes and wide areas. UBU (Urban Beauty United) say it’s a blending brush, but I don’t use it as such.


OMG the bristles! I just can’t emphasize how soft they are! Totally fluffy! 😀



The bristles are synthetic, and thus easy to clean. They don’t fall out when washing the brush and they don’t leave traces of colour when drying! (You can find it a bit weird for me to write this, but I’ve already had experience with bristles leaving traces of colour behind when drying – yuck!)

The brush enables you to make a light eyeshadow with just a sweep, and a dramatic look with longer sweeping. The bristles can gather a lot of product inbetweeen, and there’s no need to continuously renew your quantity of eyeshadow every two seconds for a more dramatic look! A winner for me indeed. 😀


Just to keep in mind: it’s nr. 35!


You can find a variety of brushes from UBU in the stores, so just go and explore. I already have my brush stash, but frankly told, if I hadn’t, I’d probably buy them all from UBU.  😀 Or EcoTools! 😉


I got this beauty in Mercator for 3,49€.



What is your favourite brush? Do you have a lot? What do you use mainly your brushes for – foundation, eye MU, bronzer, other?


I hope you’re having a beautiful weekend, ladies! Do not forget to pamper yourselves a bit too! 😉


What are your thoughts on this?

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