Haul: a new OPI and a few skincare products!

Hello, my beauties!

Hope all is well and that you’re enjoying the spring! I was haulin’ the other day and I want to show you what I got.

I went to Mueller, to make a complaint about the catastrophic Misslyn polish, decided to take an OPI instead. I must say that the girls there were really kind, and the head of sales enabled me to file my complaint even if I purchased this nail polish more than a month before. Well, it’s a manufacturing mistake, but still, Mueller’s policy is to accept complaints 30 days after purchasing, after that time not anymore. She made it clear that this was an exception, but I’m still so thankful for that. After all I was ill for two weeks – I wanted to come, but couldn’t.


Well, here’s the haul! First, my new OPI – Suzi’s Hungary Again:



Yeah, it’s full blown spring and it’s time for livelier colours! 😉

Then I noticed a fair number of tester-sized products right at the entrance! Just couldn’t help myself, so I got some thingies to try out:


I bought two mini hand creams from Aldo Vandini and CadeaVera’s anti aging face cream. As I was in my high heels and my feet were already a bit sore, taking CadeaVera’s foot soothing gel with me seemed like a good option! 😉


Then I was off to the bathing section of the store, searching for bath salts. I was having a bath the other day and realized that I had to throw away my bathing products – they were already after expiry date. And what an assortment of bath salts! I definitely wanted something relaxing, a salt to put into water when coming home after a long and strenuous day. There were quite a few, so I decided to take some mini samples first and test them out:



All three I took are from Kneipp, and all for relaxation. Two of them are somekind of bath “pearls” (little beads), one is a salt. Can’t wait to try these out! 😀


Last but not least:


My hands require a more nourishing care over the night, and I heard Nivea is just the thing for that. It truly is! 😉


Have a beautiful day! 🙂


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