Empties #1

Hello, beauties!

Today I’d like to show you which products I used up in the last four months, at least most of them. I’ll write a quick review of the product and tell you to what extent I liked it. Repurchase or not? Let’s begin then! 😀

Here are all the empties collected in a few past months. These are not all the products I used up – some of them went to the trash can, as I didn’t intend to write this post already from the beginning.







Cera di Cupra Revitalizing Tonic water for Mature skin: it’s an antioxidant bomb. I’ve been using this one for half a year already, repurchased it approximately 4 times. Ingredients are the ones that convinced me. I’m currently trying to find out which product in my face care (or a combination of) were causing me subcutaneous acne, and this tonic is also one of the suspects.

Repurchasing: already did! I’ve half bottle of product left, so I’ll test it for subcutaneous acne till I use it up and then consider if I’ll repurchase it again or not.

Alverde Clear Peelingmask Heilerde (“Healing Soil”): this is a must-have in my bathroom! I ususally apply it after cleansing my skin of impurities (mostly blackspots, and a few minor acne). It pulls out any impurities left in the pores after cleansing, and soothes the skin, tones down the redness.

Repurchasing: definitely!

Alverde Mild Eye MU Remover Calendula: I didn’t like this one at all! The manufacturer states that it’s very gentle to your eyes, but well, not to mine. My eyes were burning when removing my eye MU with this thing. Somewhere on the middle I started using it as a cleansing milk for my face. Eugh! If we take a look at the ingredients, there’s alcohol already on the second place – no wonder it stung my eyes!

Repurchase: not even in my dreams.


Body care



Alverde  Macadamia Nuts and Sheabutter Bodybutter: this is becoming my HG of bodybutters. It has great scent, beautifully nourishes and hydrates my skin, and what’s more, it’s all natural from Alverde! I purchased the mini version because of going to a trip and the big one was too big to carry with me – practical.

Repurchase: when I use up other body butters I have (4 to go 😉 ), definitely!




Alverde Shampoo and Conditioner with Grapes and Avocado: I wanted to find a duo that would be as natural as possible and without bad alcohols on the first five places in ingredients  – so these two products were my choice. Shampoo has such a tragicomic consistency – somewhere between a gel and a liquid, and those didn’t even mix together (some emulsifier wouldn’t hurt, eh, Alverde?)! I had to shake up the shampoo prior of using it, so I wouldn’t end up with only liquid part qithout the gel part in my hands. Spooky. Made me wonder what the heck was wrong with that shampoo. And no, it’s expiry date was OK. I read that some other users had the same problem. The conditioner was OK though in terms of consistency. All in all, this duo did not make my hair any better as if I washed with my handsoap.

Repurchase: hell, no!

L’Oreal Elseve Total Repair Repairing Shampoo: after the Alverde disappointment I ran back to “good old synthetic” products, at least for hair care. The part of my hair that was bleached two years ago needs extra care and I can’t help with that. This shampoo doesn’t have bad alcohols on the first five places on ingredients list, so my conditions were met. I took home also a conditioner of the same line and must say that my satisfaction was great. 😀

Repurchase: if I don’t find something even better, definitely.


Bathroom Essentials



I’m always in search for the perfect hand soap in my bathroom!

Alverde Elderflower and Acacia Liquid soap: as it seems, past months were a products’ consistency nightmare. This soap had such a funny consistency, was almost gel-like. It almost didn’t foam and it didn’t wash my hands thoroughly. I had to use another soap to take the foundation residue off my hands! The aroma was nice though, but that’s not enough.

Repurchase: not at all.

Balea Liquid soap with peach and nectarine aroma: this soap did it’s job just fine. The aroma was nice, but to my sensitive nose a bit too “chemicaly” scented, so I’m still in search for my favourite. 😉

Repurchase: maybe, if I don’t find anything better.


Pampering myself


Aldo Vandini Revitalizing Face mask with Red algae and Minerals: it was a nice face mask, did not induce any weird reactions on my skin. I can’t say I noticed some really prominent effects after usage.

Repurchase: maybe.

Alverde bathsalt with Macadamia nut and Sheabutter: OMG this smells delicious!! It was a true spa experience in my bathroom; the scent relaxes you to the max, and the salt makes your skin supple, ready for a scrub and further skin pampering. The only thing I didn’t like was the greasy film left in my bathtub after I emptied the water out.

Repurchase: I wish to, but am not sure if I’m so much into cleaning my bathtub immediately afterwards for everytime I use this (a slippery bathtub is not OK, you could injure yourself!).





Avon SuperShock Blackest black Mascara: this mascara was one of my HG’s for a long time. I’m really satisfied with the effect – it builds up the lash volume nicely, and normally doesn’t clump. I used up this mascara in the same time as the smaller MasterpieceMax beside it, so I guess that’s a no-no for me for my future purchases.

Repurchase: I have one more at home, because I bought two of them when purchasing. i think I won’t buy this mascara anymore.

Max Factor MasterpieceMax Mascara: this was such a nice surprise! I got three of these pocket-sized mascaras as a gift in DM and this is the first one I used up. Currently, this little beauty became my new HG in mascaras! It doesn’t clump at all, defines the lashes nicely, and builds up the volume pretty good (with sequential coating). It even curls your lashes up to some extent, which is another plus point.

Repurchase: definitely. I’ll be testing some other mascaras too, but this will be the one that will be an essential in my bathroom.




Two of my HG’s!

MicroCell 2000 Nail Repair: it’s an essential for me – without it my nails are brittle and I could say goodbye to all the beutiful manis. This products strenghtens my nail greatly.

Repurchase: of course.

Essie Good to go!: I just had to try out this product, as I read such good reviews about it. It didn’t disappoint me at all, my nails are good to go in 10 mins after applying this top coat. I found another top coat with quite the same characteristics though, that’s way cheaper than Essie’s.

Repurchase: not sure, maybe.


That’s all for today, my dear readers. If you have any questions regarding the products mentioned, please leave a comment below – I’ll be glad to help you.

Have a beautiful day! 😀

4 responses to “Empties #1

  1. jaz vedno kupujem tale Microcell 2000 ..sem že Essie Grow richer sprobala in me je razočaral in se vedno vračam nazaj k Microcellu, čeprav ma menda eno sestavino noter, ki je škodljiva ampak ok, se ”ravnam” navodil 😛

    Liked by 1 person

    • Tako je, Simona, imaš prav! MicroCell 2000 Nail Repair vsebuje 2% formaldehid. Kar se tiče ostalih škodljivih sestavin, bi za ta lak lahko rekli, da je “Big 3 free” (torej ne vsebuje toluena, dibutil ftalata in kamforja (camphor)).
      Formaldehid lahko deluje dražilno na občutljiva področja, kar je pri nas predvsem sluznica – oči, nos, grlo. Če smo mu izpostavljeni v majhni meri, se bojo naše oči zasolzile, v grlu in nosu nas bo malce popraskalo; višje izpostavljenosti so zelo nevarne, saj lahko privedejo do kemičnih opeklin in celo smrti. (A se nam glede tega pri laku ni potrebno bati. 😉 ) Dobro pa je, da med nanašanjem laka vseeno pazimo na svoje sluznice, torej ne vdihujemo hlapov (niti z nohtov, niti iz flaškice). Kaj več o formaldehidu kot nevarni sestavini v kozmetiki pa v eni od mojih prihodnjih objav! 🙂


  2. dobra objava!
    vidim kar nekaj stvari, ki bom jih morala sprobat. 🙂
    najbolj me mika tale Alverde peelingmaske, Essie G2G in pa Microcell. 🙂


    • Hoj, Sandra! Maska je (vsaj zame) božanska, must-have na kozmetični polički v kopalnici! 😀 Pri MicroCell-u bodi pozorna, da kupiš “2000 Nail Repair” (so tudi druge številke in poimenovanja in ljudje se hitro zmotijo). Kar se tiče Essie G2G, lahko pred nakupom poskusiš še Essenceovega “Studio nails Better than gel nails Top Sealer – High Gloss” – med njima skoraj ni razlike, razen tega, da je Essence neizmerno cenejši! 😉


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