Comparison: Sephora 3D precision sponge vs. Beauty blender dupe from Tedi

Hello, beauties!

I feel like providing you with a “versus” of two foundation sponges today. Interested?

I’ll compare the two I already tested on the long run, which are Sephora 3D precision sponge (on the right) and Tedi beauty blender dupe (on the left).




  Tedi beauty blender dupe Sephora 3D precision sponge
Shape Spherical, designed like a tear (with a narrow tip on the upper side). From top to bottom: 8 cm; 6 cm in diameter (in the middle). Spherical, designed like an egg. From top to bottom: 6 cm; 4 cm in diameter.
Texture Firm, dense. Firm, dense, but just a bit softer than the sponge compared.
Change when dampened?  No.  No.
Special treatment None. After two months of use it developped a funny smell, which I didn’t trust at all. Antibacterial, hypoallergenic, latex-free.
Foundation residue on sponge Quite, even if applying it with dampened sponge. The foundation sinks into the sponge. Not really ecological. Very little, the foundation doesn’t seem to sink into the sponge, but stays on your face. Thumbs up for less foundation consumption!
Handling OK. The narrow tip really comes in handy for the tricky parts around the eyes and nose. It feels a little firm on the skin because of it’s texture. OK. You won’t miss the narrow tip; becuase of the small size of this sponge you can reach the tricky parts (nose, eyes) just fine either way. That’s even more practical to me, because I don’t need to juggle the sponge between my fingers.
Cleansing Quite problematic. As this sponge sucks in the product, so it will suck in the soap, too. I found it almost impossible to rinse out completely, there were always some bubbles left. Not a problem at all. The texture of this sponge alowws us to rinse it completely, no matter how much soap we’ve put on. Thumbs up! What’s more, this sponge is antibacterial treated, which assures us with having no fear of getting a skin infection. I still wash it with antibacterial soap though.
Foundation effect Beautiful. Airbrushed flawless foundation, that looks as if it’s not even there. Beautiful. Airbrushed flawless foundation, that looks as if it’s not even there.




For me, the winner of this is definitely Sephora’s sponge! Firstly, I like the antibacterial-hypoallergenic vibe about this sponge, secondly, really small foundation residue, and thirdly, it’s shape.




Do you apply your foundation with a sponge? What’s you holy grail of foundation application? 🙂


Have a beautiful day, my ladies! 😉

What are your thoughts on this?

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