Swatch & review: Essence 172 “Splash!” & Essence Glitter Jewels 06 “Party in a bottle!”

Hello, beauties!

Today I’d like to present you some really seasidey nail polishes! This is a true splash combo of blue beauties.

Spring is already blooming and I must admit, I’m already at the seaside with my mind a bit. 😉 Some days ago I was playing around with nail polish and this was the result!


This photo was taken in shade. My nails are really short right now (actually, I don’t remember having that short nails in half a year! 😮 ), but I still think that short nails can look beautiful if neatly manicured. What do you think?


Here’s some more pics in the sunlight!







And two more for you in the shade:





Manicure done with: All except ring fingers: 1 coat MicroCell 2000 Nail repair as base coat, 1 coat Essence protecting base coat, 2 coats Essence 172 Splash!, 1 coat Essie G2G. Ring fingers: 1 coat MicroCell 2000 Nail repair as base coat, 1 coat Essence protecting base coat, 2 coats Essence 147 Miss Universe, 1 coat Essence Glitter Jewels 06 Party in a bottle.

I applied two coats of base coat (MicroCell & Essence) because I didn’t want to have blueish nails when I’d remove the mani. Mission successfully accomplished!

Colour: Essence 172 Splash: vibrant blue somewhere between aqua and azure, with a metallic finish; Essence 147 Miss Universe: a blackish-blue base with gazzilion bright blue shimmering parts; Essence Glitter jewels 06 Party in a bottle: clear base with blue glitter of 2 sizes.


Formula: formulas of all three nail polishes used were OK. The metallic finish of Splash! nail polish leaves some streaks when applied, but they even out while drying. I had some problems with Essie G2G – the formula is getting thicker, and you can see that in some pics I posted.

Drying time: can’t really give you a review of that, because I finished my mani with fast-drying Essie G2G. Sorry.

Longevity: This manicure lasted 4 days before I grew tired of it. Some minimal tip-wear was visible on the 3rd day, but nothing alarming.


Do you like the mani? Do you like to wear blue nail polishes? I was not such a fan till this year, but since I’m becoming a bit of a polish addict, blues look so inviting all of a sudden! 😉


Have a beautiful evening, my beauties! ❤

What are your thoughts on this?

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