Review: Sephora 3D Precision Sponge

Hello, beauties!

Today I’d like to present you with my thoughts on Sephora 3D Precision sponge.

My review in numbers* (for the impatient ones, I know I write a lot!): 😉

*Maximum possible rating is 5 points for each category.

Satisfaction with Product Effects 5
Shape & texture 3
Usage 3
Cleansing 4
Pricing 3
Overall Rating  3,6






9,90€ in Sephora’s store (Villese, Italy).


Shape & texture:

Spherical sponge, quite dense and consequently not so bouncy.  The sponge has a pointed tip on one end, which should help you to reach also the spots and angles that are trickier to reach (the dents around the nose, eyes). I got mine in white colour, but I saw them in others colours on the web too.




Funny, there’s nothing in the instructions for use that would instruct you to dampen the sponge! And I really looked hard 😀 😛 , I went even on the internet – still nothing. I dampened it anyway. The sponge stays the same size and it doesn’t even change it’s density. I noticed that it’s very easy to squeeze the excess water out of it! I can feel the hardness (because of it’s density) when tapping it over my face – I’d be glad if they made it softer and bouncier.

The pointed tip IMHO doesn’t make much difference with application. Firstly, the tip isn’t pointed to that larger degree to really make a difference. Secondly, the sponge is so small that reaching trickier areas is not a problem with rounded end either.



Foundation application (+ update!):

I figured my favourite application method from the beginning of using these sponges. I apply my foundation as usual, with my fingers; then I dampen the sponge and dab it all over my face to ensure a flawless airbrushed finish. This works just perfectly and it’s an update from the last time I was writing about this type of application!

Sephora really positively surprised me about residue on the sponge: there’s just a little product residue that stays on the sponge after application! It looks like it doesn’t sink into the sponge at all (I had that feeling with my previous sponge!), but just bounces off the sponge and stays on my skin. Just smashingly outstanding! 😀 (FYI, I use the L’Oreal’s True match super-blendable foundation.) If I compare it to my previous sponge, I see that I was using much more foundation before (and actually was rinsing it down the pipe daily). So Sephora helps me to be as ecological as I can (environmentally, with product and – last but not least – financially), and I really love that.



This was another nice surprise for me. Sephora’s sponge is easier to cleanse than my previous one. I think this is because of it’s specific texture, that allows you to squeeze the water out of it really efficiently, thus also the foam. You can rinse the hell out of this sponge actually! 😉 What’s more, there’s not that much residue left on the sponge after application anyway, so – double points! There’s a hint of colour left on the sponge after washing it, but I don’t expect it to look as it were new anymore. 😉 Oh, almost forgot: I cleanse it with Balea’s antibacterial fluid soap.



This sponge gives a beautiful flawless airbrushed finish. To think about it, my previous sponge delivers the same finish, but there are other features that make Sephora’s 3D special to me.


What’s left to say?

It’s latex-free, antibacterial and hypoallergenic.

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