Swatch & review: Manhattan Lotus effect 43k long-lasting nail polish!

Hello, beauties!

Missed me? 😉 Today I’d like you to cuddle yourselves with some mani swatches and a review of a beauty that goes by the name Manhattan 43k.



Swatch_Manhattan43k_sun-whole Swatch_Manhattan43k_sun-part2 Swatch_Manhattan43k_sun-part1


Swatch_Manhattan43k_shade-whole Swatch_Manhattan43k_shade-part1


I wore this manicure some days ago and really enjoyed some colour on my nails; the weather was somehow sleepy and cloudy and I needed an extra energy push. 😉

If you’ve fallen in love with this polish (as I), feel free to read the review below!


Manicure done with: 1 coat MicroCell 2000 Nail repair as base coat, 3 coats Manhattan 43k, 1 coat Essie G2G.

Brush: quite classical narrow brush, flattened. The holder sits nicely in your hand and allows good application.

Colour: it’s a coral invigorated with red and cerise undertone.

Formula: the only thing that bothered me a bit! The formula is not as good as expected; while applying, the polish was a bit streaky. It evened out when drying – in between one and other coat. The first coat doesn’t give you full colour coverage, there’s still some VNL visible. Two coats will give full coverage. I applied the third one because I wanted to even out the streakiness.

Drying time: can’t really give you a review of that, because I finished my mani with fast-drying Essie G2G. Sorry.

Longevity: I had a mishap on the second day, when a part on nail polish chipped from my nail. The mani itself lasted 4 days, then I put if off because applying a new one. On the second day there was a minimal tip wear visible (but you really had to look really closely!), a bit more tip wear on the third and fourth day. Looks like the tip wear was visible only to me and my scrutinizing eye, whereas others were head over heels over my beautiful manicure! 😉

Shopping: This beauty can be yours for 5,15€ in DM.


All in all, I’m really happy I own this one and can’t wait to wear it again! 😀

What are your thoughts on this?

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