Swatch & Review: Misslyn Velvet Diamond nr. 48 – Heart stopping

Hello, beauties!

I was so eager to try on this nail polish from Misslyn that I bought in one of my recent hauls, and couldn’t wait to show it to you! Well, wait. Eeeeerm, that’s true for the first day of wearing it. On the second day it turned to a horror movie.


The photos were made on a sunny day, I didn’t colour correct them; I must say that the color is a lot more vibrant to the naked eye. The camera somehow tones down the colour. :S

The manicure was photographed on the first day. What’s more, and almost needless to say, my cuticles are a disaster. I removed the excess cuticle skin a day before, and my cuticles really needed a few days to come around. I put Burt’s Bees cuticle cream on twice that evening, and even a lot of nourishing hand cream, but still my cuticles looked like a total fiasco. :/

Well, I still took photos! We’re here to learn, not to make picture perfect, right? Normally my cuticles look a lot better than that. 😉


This is sunshine:



Will the glitter show? A bit more sunshine:




And some more shade – here’s where the camera really captured the bigger glitter I wanted to show:


I was so excited! I didn’t wear red nail polish for a long time and this sand polished was just perfect to break the ice. Well, yes. Till it started to turn to a total flop the next day, and the next day even more – read on!


Manicure: MicroCell 2000 Nail Repair as a base coat, 2 coats of Heart Stopping, no top coat.

Brush: a classical one: narrow, bristles are not specially formed in any way. The application wouldn’t have been tough (I tried this brush already with Bright Love from the same Velvet Diamond Misslyn collection!) if it wasn’t for this nail polish’es somehow weird formula.

Colour, texture, formula, drying time:

I’ve already described the colour and some of it’s texture in my haul post:

A beautiful red. Combined with sand effect. For me, a poetry.  This polish is a combination of finer glitter and a bit bigger circular glitter.

This is a sand effect polish, which means that the final manicure results in a matte finish, but the glitter in it gives a diamondy look. Well, the second day gave me the creeps: the bigger round glitter started to pull off (through the normal daily work with my hands, nothing critical). The result was a fluffy white little puff where there was that round glitter the day before! OMG, what a shock! I couldn’t photograph it, because I don’t have a macro lens and I couldn’t capture it good enough with an existing one. I was wondering if this is just in my imagination, but no – tried to pull (scratch) off that one glitter, and here we go again – white puff right under it. I guess they really didn’t pay attention to this bigger round glitter, did they at Misslyn? My nails looked like they had white hair on it – yuk.

I didn’t find the formula good enough. I had some problems with application of this polish (take a close look at my pinky finger, please!), because the formula was somehow thick and the brush was behaving so weird with it.

The polish dries quickly, as mostly all sand effect polishes do.

Longevity: Opposed to this polish’es sister – Bright Love – this nail polish totally let me down on this topic too. It started to crush on the day three of the manicure. You can’t imagine my joy when I put it off – probably it was even bigger that the one when putting this mani on. 😉

Shopping: You can find this polish in Mueller Slovenia for 5,79€, but based on my experience, I’d definitely not advise to buy it.


Maybe it’s just the formula and I’d have to swap it for another identical shade in the store, but alas, I totally lost all my enthusiasm.

2 responses to “Swatch & Review: Misslyn Velvet Diamond nr. 48 – Heart stopping

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  2. I almost bought this Polish today. It looks stunning in the bottle and I really fell in love with it. After reading your review I will definitely not. Thanks for saving me the disappointment!


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