Update nr. 2: Testing L’Occitane products!

Hello, my beauties!

Past few days were full of  happening and I couldn’t get any free time to blog. This post has been haunting me since I went to L’Occitane store; most of all because of so very  kind beauticians there, that are looking forward to our posts about them! My deepest apology for posting this so late, girls!


So – what’s the update? 😉

Today’s the 11th day of testing these products and I must say I’m very content with the results till now. Four days ago my sample stash started to go short, so I decided to ask for some more. I would really love to test the products for good, so I can give a realistic and optimal opinion. Normally the skin reacts in approximately three weeks of testing the product – that’s when the true results show. What’s more, I’ve had problems with subcutaneous acne for the last half a year (two-three acne every month), and I was eager to see if it’s my current face care that’s causing this. If that will be the case, I’ll be changing my skin care in a few weeks. I’ll be talking about this in a separate post in the future.

So I came to the store and explained my wishes. The beauticians were so kind! We talked about how did I see the results till then, and then decided to pick some more samples I took home with me. Girls, we totally forgot about night cream! But first things first. 😉 I told them that I felt like my skin needed a more nourishing care than the one I’ve been using till then. I was using the products from Brightening Immortelle collection from day one. That’s a collection that’s made for uneven skin tone, hence the name “brightening” (as you might remember, I just had a hormonal outburst of skin impurities before starting testing L’Occitane products). I noticed that my skin became so thirsty and in need for more nourishment; my skin did not become dry, but it would, if I didn’t use the Angelica Hydration Cream as the first aid in between! We measured the percent of hydration of my skin and it dropped to an average of 49% that day. We measured that with my foundation on and that could be the factor for diminished skin hydration percent that day, too. My bodily water hydration was similar to the one of the first day of measurement, so I think that’s the factor that did not play any role. The beauticians advice was to start using the more nourishing Immortelle Precious products line, which is created for advanced anti-age care for lined & wrinkled skin. For the curious: Immortelle brightening collection comes in white coloured products, meanwhile the Precious collection comes in blue coloured products.


So that’s what I brought home with me, take a peek!


The samples that went home with me:

  • 1 Eye care & mask duo Brightening correction sample (Brightening collection)
  • 1 Precious eye balm sample (Precious collection)
  • 2 Brightening shield samples (Brightening collection)
  • 4 Precious serum samples (Precious collection)
  • 4 Precious cream samples (Precious collection)

As I already mentioned earlier, both of us forgot about night cream, so I’ll have to take a trip to their store again. We were so consumed with exchanging our opinions and thoughts! 🙂


How does my skin feel?

Very good indeed. I gradually started using new testers from Precious collection, as I finished those from Brightening one. They are really more nourishing, my skin doesn’t feel thirsty anymore. I also noted that I use less of the product, compared to Brightening collection – my skin doesn’t drink the product that fast, so I actually have time to put it all over my face. 😉

No new subcutaneous acne since using the products from L’Occitane, yaaay! Till now at least one should break out, considering my past experiences. To me, it feels like forever – my skin is my skin again, as it was for the most of my life.

The products quickly sink into my skin, leaving it supple, nourished, hydrated.  They don’t leave any weird film over my skin, do not grease it either.  It’s my skin but better!


I can’t wait to finish the testing, so I can give you a full report about it! Looking forward to it! 😀

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