Latest haul: Sephora products! :D

Hello, my dearies!

I’ve been so excited to show you this – my latest Sephora haul! I was there a few days ago, and planned only on buying their glass nail file, but went home also with their 3D precision sponge (actually the original beauty blender dupe 😉 ).


I read just everything in superlatives about their glass file, so I couldn’t wait to file my nails with it. Yesterday I managed to use it for the first time and I must say I’m happy with the result. It’s a different experience from other files for me, mostly because it’s thicker than I’m used to; I guess it will take some time to get around this and get used to it. All in all, it left my nails nicely closed, the filing went mostly smooth (except for the part that I was still learning to use it). Content! 😉

Sephora 3D precision sponge was kind of an impulsed haul. When I came home, I read some user reviews and saw that they are pretty polarized; some users were not happy with it at all and discouraged others to purchase it, the others were super excited about it and would buy it again. I didn’t have the time to try it out yet, so I look forward to it; I’ll test it tomorrow for the first time. Can’t wait to see in which group I’ll fall! 😉 My old beauty blender dupe started to get a not-so-funky smell, so I decided to buy a new one without thought – especially when I read that it is antibacterial treated. So I’m retiring the old one tomorrow – so long!

Oh, I’d almost forget to mention: the girls in the shop were really sweet and gave me also 6 perfume samples to take home. I wasn’t really feeling my Italian language that day, so I talked in English – the saleswoman gave her best to talk with me in English, which is really exceptional for Italian people! Thumbs up, Sephora girls! 😀 What’s more, I acquired a coupon for 20% discount for my next purchase of body care products for the period from May 19th to June 2nd.

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