Swatch & Review: Misslyn Velvet Diamond nr. 47 – Bright Love

Hello, beauties! This is a manicure I wore for the past few days, and all in all, was really satisfied with it. It’s Misslyn Velvet diamond “Bright love” nail polish from my recent haul.


Yesterday was a sunny day with some clouding, that’s why the photos have a different lightning alltogether. I didn’t colour correct any of them, even if it looks like that from the first impression. 😉

Note: I photographed the polish on mani day nr.4, just before taking it off. When applied the first day, there’s much more glittery shine than on these photos!

This is shade:


A bit deeper shade (some clouds I guess 😉 ):



Sunlight: 😀





Manicure: no base coat, 3 coats of Bright Love, no top coat.

Brush: it’s the most widespread brush we’ve known through time – a classical one (narrow, bristles are not specially formed at all). Frankly told, I’m not that much used to these kind of brushes, but the application went smoothly in the greater part of the manicure. I have narrower nailbeds, so I had to dip the brush twice for thumbs.



Colour, texture, formula, drying time:

I’ve already described the colour and some of it’s texture in my haul post:

It looks brown in the bottle, but it shows it’s true beauty when applied in a manicure. I’d say the final color looks like somewhere between rosy-brown and rosewood colour, with copper and even some red-violet glitter (for the latter I’m not really sure, but to my eye it looks like so). The glitter is all the same size, nail polish is fine grained.

Despite all the glitter I find this polish truly a neutral one, at least for my coloristic type (dark). The polish wouldn’t show as neutral for fairer skin & hair types IMHO. This is a sand effect polish – the final manicure results in a matte finish, but still the glitter in it gives it a diamondy look! 😉 After a few days (let’s say two) the polish looses some of it’s texture and the colour fades a bit, due to normal work with hands the surface gets some smoothing. 😉

Formula is just right – not too thick and not either too runny. No problems with application from this point of view!

The polish dries quickly, as mostly all sand effect polishes do.

Longevity: This one surprised me nicely! It managed to live four days on my nails with just minimal tipwear (barely visible), despite all the cleaning and handwork I’ve done with it (I couldn’t protect my hands with gloves, sorry). It didn’t chip at all.

Shopping: You can find this beauty in Mueller Slovenia; it will be yours for 5,79€.



  • You can refresh a faded colour and correct tipwear with additional coat in two days or three.
  • Glitters! Foil method recommended. 🙂

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