Latest haul: Some beauty care products!

Yesterday was a day for errands and I had  to go fetch some products for body, face and hair care. I hauled in DM and Beautique (Mercator’s drugstore) and these are the products that went home with me:


I’m enthusiastic about Alverde, when it comes to their Heilerde (“Healing soil”) face care line and I also like buying their LE shower gels. I brought home their LE shower gel Landpartie, which has a scent of lavender and orange oil. I also had to renew my Heilerde line in my bathroom, that’s why I bought their washing cream and face mask. I just love Heilerde face care products, that are designed for facial skincare for blemish prone skin. It really comes in handy when my hormones go crazy once a month! 😉

I also decided to give a try to Nivea’s Intense Repair Shampoo – DM offered a discount, and since I’m still in search for my holy grail on this area, it went home with me. I don’t think that this will really be my next holy grail of shampoos, but it doesn’t hurt to try. 😉

There’s never enough of hand creams, when making a proper manicure. I’m always on the scope for new ones that could be effective – nourishing, without bad ingredients on first five places on the list. Recently I finished my beloved Essence Banana & Dark Chocolate Hand Cream and decided to try another one of them. Discovery of the cream mentioned was really a big positive surprise – frankly told, I didn’t expect such quality from an Essence product! Way to go, Essence! I took 24 Hand Protection Balm home with me. It also has really good ingredients, smells nice and fresh. After testing it for one day, I must say it’s similar to Banana & Dark Chocolate one (well, of course not by scent). I’m really content about purchasing it.

When I went to Beautique, finding a dupe of Detangler was a true surprise. I was passively looking for this thing for the last few months and didn’t see it anywhere. Of course it went home with me. I’m really happy that I got my hands on it – it really works, finally I can quickly comb my hair without worrying about tangled hair. Hair brushing just became a whole new experience! 😉


Oh yes, I almost forgot! DM gives you a reusable bag when purchasing over 20€. I think it’s a nice gesture from them, even when we’re getting those at almost every store nowadays. It’s never enough environmental care awareness raising!


“Beauty comes from within and from my bag.” 😉 Word for the first part of the slogan!

What I especially liked about this bag are the strings at the top of it, which enable you to tie them together and secure the bag – really practical! Cheers, DM! 🙂


Have a nice day!

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