Slovenian bloggers 7. – 13. 4. 2014

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Lori La Vin – Anger and art.
Mateji ustvarjata – Love on the nails.  
N. Purcell – Union Jack Apple Pie
Soul Fishing – Homemade English muffins
Addicted to nail polish – MUA Undress me too eyeshadow palette
Emily Summer – Review: Revlon colorburst lacquer & matte balm.  

Vesna en violet – Weekend in pictures

Jutri pa začnem zares – muscle fever + weighing food again

Maja Ena – DIY: simple spring/summer necklace

Ajda Tjaša – Purple 20$ makeup.  

To all our readers that aren’t familiar with this post; Slovenian bloggers is a Slovenian bloggers community, where we meet, exchange our posts weekly and see what other bloggers from Slovenia are up to. Membership in this group requires posting the uniform “Slovenian bloggers” post once a week, so that’s what we’ll be doing from now on.
We also owe an apology to Slovenian bloggers community! We’re still fresh and need some time to get acquainted with the process, that’s why we’re a day late with our Slovenian bloggers post. We’ll be punctual next week, pinky promise! Thank you for understanding.
A warm regard,
sincerely yours,
Stella & Maya

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