Review: Balea Antibacterial Fluid Soap

This is an indispensable product in my bathroom for the last four months. Since I started using MU brushes and beauty blender dupe, there’s no way I’d want to get skin impurities just because I don’t cleanse my MU accessories good enough.


This soap proved itself useful on three chores:

– cleansing my MU brushes,

– cleansing my beauty blender, and

– washing my hands after foundation application.


It’s not a soap I’d like to use on my hands more than once a day. Sodium laureth sulfate on ingredients’ second place gives a good hunch about it’s “power” to dry out the skin. Big no-no. But it does a great job with cleansing accessories and stubborn foundation traces on my hands – better than any other soap I tried. 😉

It comes in a transparent plastic bottle with a pump – really easy to use. A clear packaging also allows us to see how much of a product is still left, so we can shop for another one in time. Practical.

You’ll get 300 ml of soap in one bottle. I bought it in DM for 1,29€. Affordable.


If you still didn’t find your holy grail of cleansing your MU accessories, this just might be it. I feel my skin is safe with this friend in my bathroom. 😉


How do you cleanse your MU accessories? Did you already tried out this particular soap? What do you think of it?

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