Latest haul: Catrice nail polishes

It is not actually a haul, but a lovely gift I got by just being lucky. 🙂 These three Catrice polishes, each of them in a different texture,  were won by me in a giveaway the amazing girls of the Parokeets blog hosted on their Facebook page.

The polishes are from a limited edition called Luxury laquers.

catrice (2)

The first is an amazing duochrome or should I say multichrome? The colour goes from red to bronze to gold and it’s called Chromeo & Julie;

the second one is a majestic light blue holo named Holo in one and the third polish goes by the name Strawberry BAYquiri and it’s a pinky sand (or textured) polish.

More photos and some swatches coming soon 🙂

Have a lovely day!

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