Being “skinny” in the beauty world: some more reading

Hello, my beauties!


Few days ago I wrote about unhealthy looking “skinny” ideal reigning the beauty world of today.

Yesterday I accidentally came across a link of a blogger that petitions YSL CEO to stop using photos of painfully thin models in press. Shannon Bradley-Colleary writes about the issues of body image (among other topics); she’s a mother of two and also extremely worried about modern beauty trends that can lead to extreme dieting. This is most prominent in the modelling world, that’s why most of the known stories are told by models. Shannon herself had body dismorphic disorder, so I think she knows what’s she’s writing about on her blog. I warmly recommend reading it through. You can also sign the petition there. In her linked post I found some more links to read through – thank you, Shannon, for that! I think model’s words tell more than mine, so here you go, if interested in some more reading!


By that point, I felt insane. My mind was unable to be still yet I had an absolute inability to focus on any subject for any period of time. I slept when I should have been awake and felt wired when it was time to rest. I was depressed and manic and exhausted in every way. I was prone to bouts of hysteria and crying that were impossible for me to control. My life and mind were out of hand. My body was spiraling into a danger zone.


My body could not take it any more. By Christmas I had a seizure, and was taken to the hospital where tests revealed that years of malnutrition had taken their toll on my heart. I needed heart surgery.

Carre Otis, fomer model, on living with anorexia.


While in the hospital, the doctors warned Georgina that she was close to dying. Her vital organs were strained, she risked her heart stopping and her kidneys packing up.


Despite leaving the fashion world, Georgina’s illness still haunts her. Last year, she was readmitted to the hospital where she was force-fed, received counseling and prescribed anti-depressants and anti-anxiety medication to help battle the anorexia.


I feel very lucky to have survived but it makes me really angry to see images of models who I know are seriously unwell due to eating disorders. Most high fashion brands have used anorexic girls in their campaigns and the only way this will stop is if we stop buying their products.

Georgina Wilkin, former model, on designers booking her despite organ failure.


My lips and fingers were blue because I was so thin that my heart was struggling to pump blood around my body. The make-up artists would have to disguise it with concealer.” She says she sees the same “telltale blue lips and hands” on models today.

Georgina Wilkin raising awareness on eating disorders.


Isabelle Caro, thank you for raising awareness, too!



She died of anorexia in 2010. Rest in peace, Isabelle.

Thanks to ODEE for the picture!

What are your thoughts on this?

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