Manicure swatch & review: Catrice LE Crushed Crystals – 06 Call Me Princess

Hello, beauties!

Let’s start with a swatch of a Catrice Crushed Crystals nail polish for today. I hauled it quite some time ago and this is a manicure I wore few days after acquiring this polish, but still haven’t had the opportunity to publish it. So – here it is!

Lately I’m in love with sand effect nail polishes, and this pinkish-gold-coral Catrice’s beauty catched my eye already when the LE Crushed Crystals was issued in January 2014. Because any store in my vicinity held Catrice, I had to wait till Mueller opening to get a grip on one. 😉

It’s the only polish I bought till now from this LE, the others just weren’t so inviting to me. I had mixed feelings about this shade too – because of the combination of pink and gold colour – , but curiosity won! 🙂



This photo was taken in the sunlight.

Manicure: The manicure is done with Essence Protecting base coat and two coats of 06 Call me Princess nail polish. I didn’t use a top coat because of the sand effect.

Brush: It’s really bulky, but somehow it still enabled to apply the polish nicely. As I have wider nailbeds, wider brush was not a problem for me (although I had to be extra careful at the pinky!) – I guess someone with narrower nailbeds could find the brush wideness quite a problem. The brush itself looks like someone just quickly trimmed it with scissors – some of the bristles are poking out, which I don’t like. I think they could really do a better job with brushes, especially because they developed a new kind of brush not so long ago! I don’t like the big brush holder either.

Review_Catrice_CrushedCrystals_06CallMePrincess_BrushFront Review_Catrice_CrushedCrystals_06CallMePrincess_BrushSide

Texture, formula, drying time: It’s a sand textured nail polish and with this shade they did a really good job. The polish really looks like miniature crushed crystals on your nails – I loved it! The texture is quite fine – something in between OPI’s (very fine) and Essence’s (kind of  rough) textures of their sand polishes. The formula of the polish is just right, not too runny and neither too thick – just right. Application goes smoothly. The polish dries really quickly, so thums up for that! With one coat there’s still some visible nail line (VNL), with two you’ll get perfect coverage. (Well yes, I tend to apply generous coats.)

Longevity: This manicure lasted just a day on my hands, but because of strenous work with my hands that day. It was crazy! No wonder that manicure did not last longer, I doubt any would. When I test the longevity in normal circumstances, I’ll let you know about my findings.


Here you go – a close-up of this beauty for the end:



All in all, I love this polish. To my opinion it’s a polish that I’ll gladly wear in the hotter months to come, in summer; golden shimmer all throughout the polish give it a warm, seaside kind of feeling – at least for me.


Tip: Removing this nail polish can be quite difficult, so I recommend the tin foil method!


Do you own any of these polishes from LE Crushed Crystals? Which is your favourite? What are your experences with this nail polish?

Have a beautiful day! 😀

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