Random thoughts: Is “too skiny” healthy?

I couldn’t believe my eyes, when I came across this banner few days ago. Has the world gone mad?


In English: “Angelina has only 47 kilos (104 pounds)… the star stopped eating with this method… Read more!”

The banner is allover Slovenian web media in the last week and with a click you can be just as thin as Angelina:


In English: “I like to eat and it shows on my body fast. I tried to keep my body skinny through eating less, different pills, strenuous workouts… until I discovered this product! I never managed to get thin in such a short time and without any extra effort – not even on a diet of only drinking tea & water 6 not eating anything! This product totally changed my appetite and gradually I almost stopped eating. I didn’t even think about food. I think that people around me are a little concerned, but I’m feeling really great in my body! Angelina Jolie.”


I mean, what?!? I’m still totally shocked. And now that I clicked on the banner to add the source to the pics, this banner is following me everywhere. Yuk. And – OMG!!! – the right picture above her words! Is that beautiful? Is it healthy even? I don’t think so at all. I think she’s beautiful on the right pic – she’s always been lean and I think that’s her normal healthy bodyweight. To me it is even questionable if this are her true words up there?

Lately I’m horrified whenever I see Angelina’s skeleton body and hoping that she’ll change something about her way of living, because right now she looks like she’s harming her body with being so thin. I really hope it’s just the stress she’s had in the previous year that’s showing on her weight and that she’ll get better soon. I wish her that from all my heart. Right now her bodyweight is really minimal, and I’m not sure if her body gets all the nutrients it needs to establish a healthy functioning of all bodily functions on the long run.

I’m not just a full-mouth-smartass: been there, done that, and it’s not healthy. I’m a skinny woman, always been and probably always will be. I’m one of those “lucky ones” (lucky my as*, actually!) that have a lot of difficulty gaining weight – I have to double my food intake to get a kilo in one month. I have no difficulty loosing weight, and I hate that – normally it happens to me in the periods of extreme strain and stress. Till this day it happened to me twice. It’s not that I don’t eat, I do, but nothing clings to my body. When researching this phenomena, I learned that some bodies just react that way; when you’re in stress, there’s heightened stress hormones (cortisol, adrenaline, noradrenaline) excretion in your brain, and your body gets ready to react with “fight or flight” reaction. Muscles tighten and are ready to react, your breathing becomes more shallow and fast, stress hormones make you psychologically more aware and on guard, and last but not least – your bowel function worsens. When in stress, you need to react, not to enjoy food, that’s quite logical. This is actually a reminder of our early evolution, when the human race lived by hunting, and then it made much sense. But today this reaction of our minds and bodies can be pretty sneaky on us, because we don’t live in that conditions anymore. And so we read of stress taking over one of the first places in being cause of today’s modern illnesses. But we didn’t come here to talk about stress, I just wanted to give you a description of what’s happening in this kind of situations. Of course there are also people that start eating more when stressed and their weight goes up – but that’s not the case of Angelina.

What’s more, I’m not talking about that loosing weight in general is bad – if you’re overweight, and if you can do something about it, you should loose weight and obtain your healthy weight. This way you’ll enable your body to function optimally, and your chances of getting ill (because of being overweight) will diminish substantially. Some people can’t do anything about loosing weight, because they’re ill, their bodies don’t function optimally on this continuum. I’m not talking about these either. Last but not least, I’m not even saying that this method of loosing weight (the one that’s mentioned on the link) is not OK – I don’t know it, so I can’t comment on that. But let’s get back to my intital thoughts!


Being beautiful is today’s nr. one for a lot of women; men are following fast, no doubt about it. And here we are, on a beauty blog! And I’m still ranting about how today’s sense of beauty is totally distorted? Yes, and I’m gonna go on. To me beauty is in a healthy body. Healthy mind. Healthy habits. Healthy coping. Life is not ideal and it never will be. Some of us are lean, some are more vulptuous. Some of us are short, some tall. Some of us like chocolate, some are more of a greens-eaters, others again “could live only on meat”. But are we conscious? About the food we eat, about the drinks we drink, about polluting our environment and consequentially also pollution of our bodies? Are we conscious of what values are we passing onto our kids? About what world would we like them to live in? Are we conscious? Of how we age? Of how we see our bodies and why?

What is beauty? Seriously, what? Plastic breasts, botox faces that loose mimics, bottom implants, hair extensions, make-up to the max, distorting the real life and becoming an ideal? What is an ideal actually? What’s your ideal?


The question for everyone of us is “What do I want to do with my life here on this Earth?”. And yes, we’re all free to do whatever we want, and I don’t have the right to preach you what to do. But, I don’t really see the point in being just “beautiful”. Where’s your passion? What do you love? What legacy do you want to leave behind?

Let’s set our own ideal, based on our own values. And let’s make it count.

Because I don’t want to preach, I can just give you my own example. I’m not ideal and don’t want to be, because I’m unique. Those who love me and respect me, do so because of my whole being and not just looks. I really enjoy make-up, but gosh, only for the sake of me. If I don’t feel like wearing it, I don’t. And I go out “non-corrected” without foundation, concealer and whatnot. To the store, for a walk, and frankly I don’t give a s**t! My skin needs timeout, too, and I gladly give it whenever I feel like it. Yeah, I wear make-up for job and events, because the world has become used to that, but that’s the only limitation I accept. Let’s move on. I try to give my body what it needs. I had some really unhealthy habits in the past, but hey, I learned to do better. And I still am, every day. I’m still learning to drink water; I never drank enough, but after some research the facts horrified me. As I said, I’m still learning and have to remind myself of that daily, hourly – after two years, it still didn’t get under my skin to that extent that it would become a healthy habit. I don’t drink sodas and juices, just water, and also tea. I love vegetables and that’s a thing I’m thankful to god for. I do not eat pre-prepared and overly processed foods, I eat home cooked food with a lot of fresh ingredients. I learned about the tricks in food/beverages that can make you sick and am avoiding that. I’m really grateful to my beloved mum, a great woman, that she gave me the heritage for eating healthy. I don’t do sports at this time, but I did when I was younger, and still aspire to get that back. At the moment I have a physical-strenuous work, so I guess I do some sports anyway. (But that’s just an excuse, and I know that. See? I’m not perfect either, nobody is.) What else? For me, beautiful people are those who are beautiful on the inside; are caring, humble, loving, curious, humorous, intelligent. I don’t give a sh** about how people look (unless they do not neglect their hygiene), I’m interested in the contents. Wear make-up, or don’t – I’ll love you anyway. Be chubby or skinny, symmetrical or not – I’ll still love you anyway.

Our body is our temple. It enables us to do so many beautiful things: first of all, child-making and bearing and that’s the holiest thing for me. Our bodies are tools. And very effective ones. Treat them well. Love them. Be responsible to them. Accept them as they are. Scarred, thin-skinned, wrinkled, with a skin condition or not, with a missing linb or part – our bodies are witnesses to where we have come to this day. Here we are, living and breathing, done so many things, endured so many ups & down, and still – here we are. Our bodies carried us safely though everything. It’s a poetry. For me, at least.


My beauties (and I always refer to the inner beauty with these words, no question about that), I just had to vent my dissatisfaction with these nutjob modern beauty ideals out. It’s not personal, even if you felt like it was personal for you in some way. I’m already feeling like a mum through these years, trying to raise consciousness about our bodies, (inner) beauty… Because I feel that the world’s spinning in the wrong direction just now. If you read to the end, thank you for that. I hope there was something interesting for you in this venting of mine. You can leave a thought below, if you’d like to. And again: I just vented and ranted, writing writing, writing it out without 360° consideration. If something offended you, it wasn’t my intention – on the contrary, I want you to feel warmly welcomed here.


Wishing you a beautiful day! Go do something good for yourself. 🙂 Walk with the wind beneath your wings. :*


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