Review: Essence paper print manicure – a catastrophy!

Hello, my ladies!

It’s a beautiful day outside and that’s how I’m feeling, too! How are you? I hope all is well and you have something in your day that you’re really looking forward to! 😀


Today Ill write about my disappointment about Essence paper print manicure. I tried it yesterday eve, as I mentioned in one of my posts. I was so happy about this haul and it turned out to be a total flop.



What does the manufacturer say?

paper power! totally unique: no stickers, no foil – with the paper print manicure, you can transfer real printed newspaper onto your nails. and here’s how it works: paint your nails with two layers of light nail polish. separate a piece of newspaper, paint with transfer solution and press onto your nail for 15 seconds with the printed side facing downwards. use a cotton pad for help if you like. then seal with a top coat – and you’re done! repeat for each nail. absolutely creative and unique.


Well, yes. All nice and smooth to this point. A lot of joyous expectation – couldn’t wait to start, but I had to wait till the evening, because I really wanted my manicure to dry completely (I applied it around noon that day). I did not use the top coat – I took into account the Essence instructions seriously.

So I started at approximately 10 p.m.; the first leaf glued to my manicured nail. Couldn’t get it off, the paper stayed. There was no paper print at the second nail, the leaf just pulled off some polish colour and the nail looked like it has been accidentally splashed with acetone. Yuk. And so on. There were always two versions; or the paper totally stuck to my nail, or it didn’t leave no print behind (if I was able to pull it off).

I did my manicure with a Manhattan nail polish; thought this was the case and tried the paper print also with Essence nail polish (quick manicure yesterday before going to sleep, tried the print today) – just the same. I tried to vary the time of application – no useful result; looked like with prolonged time you have more options to get a paper covered nail, with shortened one there wasn’t a print at all. I tried to vary also the amount of transfer solution; I don’t think it made a difference. I tried to vary also the amount of pressure on the nail; with more pressure you get a paper covered nail for sure!


And when I searched for useful tips that could come handy, I found a video of a beautiful young woman that had just the same problem as I did. I really laughed, because it looked like she had the same reactions like me (although you can’t see her face at the manicure process). If you’re curious, here’s the video (it’s in German language, but still, the effect and the process are those that are important here):

She’s got her own YouTube channel, HaniesWorld. Thank you for this video, darling!

I didn’t take my own photos yesterday when doing the paper print mani. Firstly, because I thought I’ll get better with practice – wrong. Secondly, I was so shocked and disbelieved after trying and trying, that I did not have the spirit to get my photocamera!


All in all, I think this Essence paper manicure is a total flop. It doesn’t work as it’s supposed to – Essence, here’s some area for improvement, seriously.

While I was thinking about other factors that may caused this to go haywire, I figured that maybe this is an outdated stash (but still, this collection came out in fall 2013, it shouldn’t be!) or just defective somehow (more options for this, I suppose).


I will definitely not be buying this again, and I wouldn’t recommend it to others, either. I’m so sorry this review ended this way – I really looked forward to flashing you with my stylish paper print manicure today!

What are your thoughts on this?

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