Manicure essentials: Essie Good to go! fast drying top coat review

This top coat is another of my holy grails. I discovered it thanks to girls on Slovenian beauty portal Planet lepote (eng. “Beauty planet”), almost everyone is using it and recommending it. Thanks, girls! đŸ˜€


From the manufacturer:

sets nail color in seconds and creates a brilliant shine. formulated with fast-acting drying agent so you can finish first. nice.

Essie nail polishes are all BIG3FREE (without Toluene, Formaldehyde and DBP) and cruelty free. In 2012 they expanded their line to Europe; here in Slovenia the polishes have quite a high price (nail polishes 9,95€, top/base coats 10,95€ in DM) compared to USA ($8,50 in Essie’s web shop, which is 6,2€).



This top coat is a life saver, when it comes to quick manicures! We’re non-stop on the go these days, and yes, manicures without fast drying top coats can take quite a while to dry. With Essie G2G the problem is saved!

I usually do my manicure with 3 coats (maybe even 4 sometimes) before applying top coat. With Essie G2G I can continue with my everyday chores 10-15 minutes after applying the top coat – it’s brilliant! It gives a nice shine afterwards, a really nice glossy finish.

When your flask is halfway empty, you can expect the polish to start slowly thickening. That’s the case with almost all fast-drying top coats, as I hear. My first aid for these kind of situations is Mavala thinner for nail polish, which works great with all nail polishes, as I hear. I used it only on G2G till this day, because I bought it just few months back – worked beautifully to one point. When the polish gets too thick, there’s no point in adding loads of thinner just to get one coat for a manicure out of the flask, at least IMHO.

The polish has a really great brush that enables you to finish your manicure quickly; it’s broad and big, the bristles are soft, elastic, but firm at the same time. The bottle of the polish is a classical Essie one, I find them easy to use and manipulate in hand. What I don’t like about the flask is that the form of it doesn’t enable you to easily use all the polish that’s in there. When your polish is coming to an end, you really have to try hard to get it out. Combined with the faster thickening effect of G2G it’s almost impossible to quickly get out of the flask enough of the product to make a nice finish, unfortunately. In my last used G2G flask there’s still 1/5 of polish that I won’t use, which is a shame. Well, but what can I say – you can’t get everything perfect with a product that’s already perfect in it’s effect. đŸ˜‰

Till this day I found only one top coat that can take place beside G2G, and it’s much more affordable. I’ll be reviewing it in my next posts, stay connected! đŸ™‚


Do you use top coat? Why? Which one? What do you like about it?

Have a beautiful day!


3 responses to “Manicure essentials: Essie Good to go! fast drying top coat review

    • Thank you for info, Blushing Biddies! As I can see from your blog, you’re truly a cruelty-free spokesperson – thumbs up! As I’m informed, Essie should be cruelty-free at least sometime in their history, or weren’t they? Can you give us some more information, please?


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