Review: Alverde concelear

I admit, I bought this concelear without any expectations. I was attracted mainly by the applicator (I don’t like concelears in jars or in stick) and by the price. And of course, Alverde is one of my favourite marks.


The packing is similar to a gloss, I can say the same about the applicator. I find it very practical. We can apply the concelear easily, it blends smoothly. The texture is nice, neither too thick neither too light.


The pigmentation is good, not excelent, but good enough to cover imperfections, dark circles and redness. I use it mainly on small pimps and for the coverage of the under eye area. The result is very natural, enlightning. I could say that it looks like a highlighter.

The concelear is available in three diferent shades, I use the middle one  “02 porcelain”, which is still very light.


The smell is delicate, not at all annoying or irritating.

The price is about 3€, it can be found in any DM.

What are your thoughts on this?

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