Manicure essentials: Micro Cell 2000 Nail Repair review

This is my manicurist holy grail – without it my nails would still be brittle and I could wave goodbye to all the beautiful manis.



From the manufacturer:

NAIL REPAIR has been specially developed for soft and brittle nails. The unique effect is based on the recovery of protein molecules in the stratum corneum. Damaged nails are strengthened and protected against tearing and splintering of the nail tips. Even after a short application time the nail grows noticeably stronger and more resistant, without loosing its flexibility.

NAIL REPAIR is also available as MATT varnish. Micro Cell NAIL REPAIR LIGHT & WHITE is available especially for sensitive nails.


I use it as a base coat; from the beginning I applied it at every manicure, now every second, so I can maintain my nailsstrong. Micro Cell advises a special type of application for brittle and soft nails as a treatment, but I never used it like that. Using it just as a base coat worked just fine.

Micro Cell 2000 Nail Repair contains 2% formaldehyde; it’s an ingredient that dries out the tissue, wherever you put it. That’s why Micro Cell advises to protect your cuticles (oil, cream) prior to applying the polish. I don’t do that, because I’m really careful with the application and the polish doesn’t even touch my skin anywhere. My advice is also not to put the flask right under your nose – it’s not safe to breathe in the vapor of formaldehyde.

This polish does a wonderful job, I’m so happy I discovered it! It works great as a base coat with every nail polish I had (Essie, Essence, OPI, Manhattan, China Glaze, Deborah). It doesn’t protect your nail from coloration very good, though – just to some extent.

I bought it in DM for cca. 14€.

If you have soft an brittle nails, this is just the product for you. Caution with application and so long, brittle nails!


This is one of manicure essentials posts; we’ve already wrote about:


Do you have to help your nails to become stronger? What products do you use for that?

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