Manicure essentials: Ebelin cotton pads review

Cotton pads are a must in every woman’s bathroom. This post is a review of my favourite ones, and as I read other reviews, a lot of women took these for their favourites too.


These are Ebelin cotton pads, a DM trademark. You get 140 in one packaging, the price is around 1,50€. These cotton pads are soft, but also compact. They don’t tear or shred during the usage. The edge of a pad is soft, it doesn’t cut into your skin. That alltogether, combined with a very affordable price and big quantity, is a wallet and skin saver on a long run! I’d recommend these to anybody in an instant.


I already wrote about other manicure essentials; if you’re interested, you can take a look at posts about all the products needed for a neat manicure, reviews of my favourite nail polish and cuticle remover, review of some great hand creams and there’s also some tips on filing nails.

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