Haul: Vichy capital soleil SPF50 mattifying face fluid dry touch

Hello, beauties!

Last two days are cloudy here in Slovenia, but nonetheless – warmer weather is coming and more powerful sun with it. Did you already get yourself some good sunscreen?

I was never paying much attention to sun protection, partly because my skin tone in quite dark (I don’t get sunburned), partly because I’m not on direct sun a lot, even in the summer. I live in an area that’s statistically the hottest of Slovenia, so summers can be very hot; who needs the sun then? 😉

When I finally started to inform myself on skin care, I was horrified; sun is one of the most prominent factors that influence on skin aging. Add the photographies of truckers (skin on one side of the face a lot more aged than the other side, because of constant exposure to sun on only one side of the face), and you get the picture! I swore to put more of  my attention to suncscreen!


Still wondering about which truckers’ photos am I talking about? Here they are – the first one (source);



See how one side of face is visibly older? That’s the sun, our darling sun. And it’s effect on skin. I found really interesting also the following photo (source), which really gives you a firm grip on effects of the sun:


I think you don’t need convincing anymore, do you?


I read a lot of great reviews about this baby on the photo below. It’s Vichy’s mattifying face fluid with high protection (UVA & UVB), which is meant for combined to oily skin and it doesn’t contain parabens (little hormonal disruptor bastards…).


I got this sunscreen in a pharmacy, looks like I was one of the first buyers. They still had those sunscreens in storage and did not even start to put them on shelves yet! Well, a nice lady fetched it for me nonetheless, I paid 16€ for the cream.

I applied it today for the first time; as I was using AHA acid product all previous week, I have to be super careful on the sun now. I have to say I was a bit surprised; all reviews will tell you that this product absorbs in a moment, that it really mattifies your skin, but this is not the case with me – at least not today. It did not absorb instantaneously, I had to wait 5 mins or so, and my skin had a weird oily shine after application. And yes, my skin is normal and I don’t have any problems with oiliness of my skin! After the whole day of wearing this sunscreen I have to say that my skin still looks a bit greasy, just a bit, nothing alarming. It doesn’t feel greasy at all, if I feel it with my fingers. These are just my first observations, hold that in mind, please! Maybe it’s my skin that’s acting weirder than normal today, who knows?

When I’ll test the product in a longer run, I’ll write a review about it; looking forward to it!

Edit on September 4th 2014: you can find the review here.

To wrap up this post: sun protection is a must-have!


What sunscreen do you use? What SPF? Are you also ingredient aware? Do you know which are the “good” and the “bad” factors?

4 responses to “Haul: Vichy capital soleil SPF50 mattifying face fluid dry touch

  1. So kremci spremenili embalažo? Jaz imam tudi to z istim imenom, ampak še od lanskega leta in je polovica embalaže bela, polovica oranžna + oranžen pokrovček :/ Pa moja kar dobro matira, samo upam da ji niso zdaj spreminjali sestavine.


    • Pozdravljen/a, D.! Najprej opravičilo, ker je trajalo toliko časa, da odgovorim. Kremici so glede na to, kar si ti povedala in glede na izgled moje res spremenili embalažo. Spremenili so tudi sestavine vsaj v tem, da je sedaj titanium dioxide podan tudi v nano delcih. Za ostale sestavine ne morem reči. Kremi se bom podrobneje posvetila, ko objavim oceno, in bom prav zaradi tvojega komentarja pregledala tudi spremembe od lanskega leta, ok? Glede matiranja je pa pri letošnji tako, da nekaterim zelo dobro matira, spet drugi pa imamo težave s tem – kaj drugega reči, kot to, je učinek matiranja najverjetneje odvisen od meni trenutno neznanih dejavnikov (morda koža, morda produkti, ki smo jih nanesli na kožo pred nanosom te Vichyjeve SPF kreme).


    • D., review tega fluida najdeš na blogu, ima današnji datum. Poleg tega sem post tudi linkala v tem postu, da se lažje najde. Upam, da ti bo ocena v pomoč! 🙂


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